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What features should I consider when buying a portable CD player?


Question: What features should I consider when buying a portable CD player?
Answer: Portable CD players have been around for awhile now. Led by Sony, the manufacturers of this popular portable electronic device have become quite skilled at churning out players which look strikingly alike and have similar prices. As you wander the aisles of your favorite electronics store staring at all of the plastic packages beckoning your eyes, what features should you consider which will give you the best music experience? Check out our list of recommended ones below.

  • Anti-Skipping One of the worse things when listening to a CD is when the music skips, especially when you are jostling your player around. How can you keep your music from jumping around? Anti-skipping technology is the answer and it comes it two flavors for you to consider. One, anti-shock, strengthens the laser which reads your CD so there is less likelihood of it missing a beat. The other, a memory buffer, reads the music slightly ahead of what you are hearing and stores it temporarily so that if you hit a bump, you still hear the tunes while the player quickly gets back on track.

  • Bass Boost When you are pounding hard on the treadmill or the jogging path, nothing gets your blood pumping harder then a high energy song. Want to take it up even a notch further? Consider bass boost, also known as mega boost, which will highlight the deep sounding parts of your tunes to give it an extra edge and feel.

  • Types of CDs Supported With practically ever computer coming with a CD burner these days, it's very easy to copy music onto a CD-R (writable to only one) or CD-RW (writable to multiple times) disc to take with you. Not all portable CD players support MP3-CDs, as they are known, however. Of those that do, they may only support CD-R or CD-RW, but not both. It’s important to know which types your player will be able to read.

  • Radio with Presets Sometimes you may just grow tired of listening to the CD you have in your player. Still want some tunes? Consider having a built-in radio with presets so you can always jump to your favorite radio station at the touch of a button.
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