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Handheld Gaming Devices
Guide picks
Buying guides, product reviews and more on handheld gaming devices.

About Game Boy Advance New
About Video Games Guide Roger Altizer maintains a well updated library page on the popular Nintendo Game Boy Advance.

Cell Phone Games from IGN New
Those looking for something to do with their cell phones besides make calls will find a wealth of information on the latest and great video games for the small screen at IGN's cell phone gamer site.

Nokia New
Nokia's N-Gage cell phone/video game combo device offers a lot to the truly on the go person. Top quality video games and multi-player capability coupled with an easy to use interface have made this device very popular.

Sony Playstation Portable New
Sony is planning a portable version of their popular Playstation gaming platform. This article from IGN explains indepth some of the early specs of the highly anticipated device, as well as showing off a picture of the conceptuial design.

Tapwave New
Those looking for a Palm OS personal organizer with cool video games might want to take a look at Tapwave's Zodiac. Besides winning a ton of awards, this innovative product offers both fun and organization in one tight little package.

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