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Sony MDR-IF540RK Wireless Headphones Review


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If your significant other is threatening to pull the plug on your Playstation 2 or boombox because of the noise, it may be time to go with wireless headphones. Does the Sony MDR-IF540RK meet your needs for high quality sound, a wide broadcast range and comfort on your head? Check out our review below and see for yourself.

Product Review

With headphone reviews, especially wireless ones, it always comes down to the sound. Does this Sony sound good from ten feet away? The answer is a solid yes - provided you stay in front or near the side of the transmitter as it uses a 90 degree broadcast radius to keep you jamming. If you move out of this zone, or over 20 feet away, you'll end up hearing nothing but silence.

In regards to quality, the sound was on par with being plugged directly into your sound source. All ranges were easily heard and a volume control on the headphones' side keeps you from having to get up to turn down the music. The headphones also sport an SRS surround sound function for when you want that little extra boost.

The headphones, which take special rechargeable batteries (included) are charged on the transmitter and will last approximately 26 hours on a 16 hour juice up. They are comfortable to wear, with an adjustable headband and closed, padded ear buds.

The transmitter station makes it easy to hook up audio devices you want to broadcast from, with several inputs available on the back to accommodate video game systems, DVD players, etc.


With its comfortable head band, great sound strengthened even further by a surround sound mode, solid wireless connectivity and long battery life, the Sony MDR-IF540RK looks like a solid winner. Not only will it keep you rocking long into the night, but it will also make a happy camper out of your significant other.

Technical Specs

  • 24 foot transmission range over a 90 degree range.
  • 26 hours of battery life with included rechargeable batteries
  • Maximum recharge time of 24 hours
  • Headphones weight: 6.3 oz
  • Low end frequency range of 18 Hz
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