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eBook Readers

This category provides you information on eBook readers, those devices which let you take digital copies of your books on the go. You'll find previews, reviews and information on how to best enjoy your eBook reading experience.

Let There Be Light: The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite
A review of Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader.

Amazon Unveils Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Kindle Paperwhite
Amazon unveils 2012 Kindle lineup with Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Fire HD 8.9 and Kindle Paperwhite.

Preview: Sony PRS-T2 Reader
A preview of Sony’s PRS-T2 Reader for e-books.

Preview: Barnes & Noble Simple Touch with GlowLight
A quick look at the Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight.

Review: Octa Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail
A review of the Octa Vacuum Dock and Whale Tail stand for the Apple iPad and other devices.

Wands Out: Pottermore Now Selling Harry Potter E-Books
Pottermore.com Starts Selling Harry Potter E-Books

Borrowing Free Books Through Amazon's Kindle Owners' Lending Library
Amazon launches book lending service for Kindle-owning Amazon Prime members.

Best eReaders: A Roundup of the Most Popular eReaders on the Market
The eReader landscape has changed a lot since Sony debuted its first device to a skeptical market years ago. With Amazon reporting record Kindle sales and Barnes Noble and Sony unable to keep up with demand for their new eReaders during the 2009 holiday season, it appears as if the eBook reader segment has finally arrived. Given the number...

eBook Reader Central
From Amazon’s Kindle to Apple’s iPad, options for eBook readers these days are quite diverse. Our eReader hub helps you navigate the variety of eReader models and technologies out there so you can be a savvy “E-reader” yourself. From buying tips to reviews and general information, eBook Reader Central is the place for brushing up on your eReader...

A Quick Look at Amazon’s First Touchscreen E-Ink Reader
A quick look at Amazon’s first touchscreen E-Ink readers.

Preview: Amazons 4th-Generation Kindle
A quick look at Amazons 4th-generation Kindle reader.

All You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle
A guide to everything you need to know about Amazon’s Kindle line.

Amazon's Kindle Tablet Is Real
Kindle tablet specs revealed in Tech Crunch article. New tablet from Amazon means Kindle vs. NOOK about to get more interesting. Amazon Kindle tablet will take on NOOK Color, provide launchpad for iPad assault.

Review: NOOK Simple Touch
Review of NOOK Simple Touch reveals one of the best dedicated e-readers available. Barnes and Noble NOOK Touch scores high marks in review. New NOOK Simple Touch impresses in review. NOOK review of Simple Touch e-reader gives new B&N device 4.5 stars.

Review: Amazon Kindle 3G
Review of Kindle 3G. Review of Amazon Kindle 3G Wi-Fi. 3G Kindle reviewed.

Review: Kobo eReader Touch Edition
Kobo Touch review shows a decent e-reader with display issues that keep it from NOOK Simple Touch level. Review of Kobo eReader Touch shows decent device that's hurt by display issues. New e-reader from Kobo is compact and light but touchscreen needs improvement.

Alternative E-Readers
Alternatives to the top e-book readers. E-readers from Aluratek, Pan Digital, Velocity Micro and other alternatives to Kindle or NOOK. A list of e-book readers from manufacturers other than Amazon, Sony and Barnes and Noble.

A Guide to E-Reader Accessories
E-Reader accessories reviewed. Accessories for Kindle, Nook, Sony and Kobo e-readers reviewed. Covers, cases, lights and other accessories for your e-reader.

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy An E-Reader For School
10 reasons why school e-books plus an e-reader are a winning combination. E-textbooks one of the 10 reasons for buying an e-reader for school.

To USB Or Not To USB: Is Wi-Fi An E-Reader Must Have?
Does NOOK WiFi or Kindle beat Sony Reader because of wireless connectivity? Is WiFi a must have feature for e-readers? Does the best e-book reader have to offer WiFi connectivity?

E-Mail on Kindle: How to Use the Kindle For Free E-Mail On the Go
How to use the free 3G on Kindle to access e-mail on the go. How to use a Kindle for free e-mail. How to use a Kindle as a free e-mail device. Hack a Kindle for free e-mail anywhere in the US.

Battle of the Compact Touchscreen E-Readers
Which is the best e-book reader when it comes to compact, touchscreen models? The latest NOOK, Kobo and a veteran Sony compared to determine which is the best e-reader. We compare models from Sony, Kobo and Barnes & Noble to find the best e-reader among compact touchscreen devices.

Are Kindle E-Books Getting More Expensive?
An informal survey of Amazon bestsellers found Kindle e-books often priced higher than tradition paper versions. Amazon pricing questioned: why are Kindle versions of some bestsellers priced higher than the paper version?

Removing Kindle Cover Made Easy
How to remove the cover from a Kindle 3. Removing Kindle cover in 3 easy steps.

New Sony PRS-T1 E-Reader Revealed
New Sony PRS-T1 announced for September, brings Wi-Fi, multitouch and Harry Potter tie-in. Sony announces new e-reader, billed as world's lightest 6-inch model.

Review: Kobo E-Reader (First Generation)
Review of the first generation Kobo e-reader. The Kobo e-reader is an under performer compared to Kindle, NOOK and Sony competition. Kobo e-reader worth picking up as a bargain e-reader but not at full price.

Review: M-Edge GO! Jacket for NOOK Simple Touch
M-Edge GO! Jacket for NOOK Simple Touch offers style but minimal protection. NOOK Touch cover from M-Edge reviewed.

Review: M-Edge Latitude Case for NOOK Simple Touch
NOOK Touch case from M-Edge reviewed. M-Edge Latitude case for NOOK Simple Touch reviewed. M-Edge NOOK Simple Touch case a good choice for commuters.

Amazon Partnership With AT&T Slices 50 Bucks Off Kindle 3G
Kindle With Special Offers drops in price after AT&T sponsorship. Kindle 3G With Special Offers drops in price to $139. NOOK vs Kindle gets tougher after Amazon and AT&T announce $139 Kindle 3G With Special Offers. Newest Kindle offer drops $50 off the price of ad sponsored Kindle 3G.

Never Mind New Nook and Kobo, Amazon Introduces Kindle 3G With Special Offers
New Nook and Kobo e-readers followed by Amazon.com announcement of Kindle 3G With Special Offers. Amazon.com tries to steal spotlight from new Nook and Kobo e-readers with discounted Kindle 3G. Amazon extends Special Offers with ad-based Kindle 3G at $25 savings.

Kobo and Barnes and Noble Announce New Compact, Touchscreen E-Readers
New Nook and new Kobo e-readers compared. Barnes and Noble and Kobo announce new e-readers. New Nooks specs and new Kobo specs compared. New touchscreen e-readers from Kobo and barnes and Noble.

Review: Kindle Lighted Leather Cover (For Kindle 3rd Generation)
Review of Kindle Lighted Leather Cover for Kindle 3. Kindle Lighted Leather Cover from Amazon reviewed.

Review: GelaSkins for E-Readers
Gelaskins for e-readers reviewed. Gelaskins work great on e-readers. Gelaskin lets you customize your e-reader. E-readers customized and protected from scratches by Gelaskins.

Beach Books: Which E-Reader to Bring?
Which e-reader is best for summer reading on the beach. Which e-reader should you bring to the beach. List of the best e-readers for summer reading on the beach. Comparing e-readers for summer beach reading.

E-Readers: Is It Worth Buying Used?
What you can expect to pay for a used e-reader. Guide to buying a used e-reader. B&N Nook tops our list of best value used e-readers. Buying an e-reader on e-Bay.

E-Readers and Education: Are We There Yet?
E-books in school will happen when hardware hits its stride. School e-books will replace paper texts once e-readers are more capable. High school textbooks and college textbooks will eventually go digital. Digital textbooks will be mainstream sooner rather than later.

E-Book Pioneer Michael Stern Hart Passes Away
Michael Hart, E-Book inventor and Project Gutenburg founder passes away. E-Book inventor and Project Gutenburg founder Michaeil S. Hart passed away.

Adobe Announcement Adds Newsstand Support For Digital Publishers
Digital magazines in upcoming Apple Newsstand gain boost with support from Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. Newsstand gains support from Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite. iOS5 Newsstand feature will be more compelling for digital magazine publishers with Adobe support.

Growing Demand For Interactive E-Textbooks Spurs Inkling Funding
Inkling digital textbooks ride wave of iPad popularity. E-textbooks developed by Inkling cost less, take advantage of iPad's multimedia capabilities. iPad textbooks from Inkling do more, cost less than traditional paper versions.

Review: Timbuk2 Nylon Envelope Sleeve For 3rd Generation Kindle
Kindle case from Timbuk2 reviewed. Kindle 3 case from Timbuk2 reviewed. Kindle Sleeve form Timbuk2 reviewed.

Review: Cole Haan Hand-Stained Pebble Grain Leather Cover (for 3rd G Kindle)
Review of Cole Haan leather cover for Kindle. Kindle cover from Cole Haan is luxurious, premium leather. Cole Haan provides upscale e-reader experience with leather Kindle cover. Despite some shortcomings, Kindle cover by Cole Haan will appeal to luxury minded e-book readers.

NOOK Color Review
Review of Barnes & Noble NOOK Color. NOOK Color tablet e-reader reviewed. NOOK Color rates 3 stars in review. How good is the Barnes & Noble NOOK Color e-reader.

Amazon Introduces Cheaper, Ad-Supported Kindle
Kindle With Special Offers. E-Book Reader Costs Less With advertising. Amazon Cuts Kindle Price But There's A Catch. Would You Buy An Ad-Supported Kindle To save Money.

How to Borrow an E-Book From Your Public Library (E-Reader Version)
How to borrow e-books from library. How to borrow e-books from the library. How to download books from your library to your e-reader. How to borrow a digital book from your library.

New NOOK Touch and Why Buttons Still Matter
New NOOK retains page turn buttons. Why buttons still matter as e-readers go touchscreen. Best e-reader design incorporates both touchscreen and buttons. New NOOK Touch may best new Kobo by keeping a few buttons.

Barnes & Noble Rides Wave of NOOK Popularity
Barnes & Noble's NOOK revenue up by 140 percent, company projects NOOK revenues to double in 2011 to $1.8 Billion. Barnes & Noble sees bookstore sales decline while NOOK takes off. Barnes & Noble's NOOK line of e-readers a runaway success with revenues expected to double in 2011.

Amazon Responds to Apple's App Store Slap With Kindle Cloud Reader
New Kindle Cloud Reader is optimized for iPad, returns ability to buy e-books directly from Amazon. After App Store defeat, Amazon fires back at Apple with Kindle Cloud Reader.

FCC Filing Spills the Beans On New Sony E-Reader
New e-reader from Sony confirmed by FCC filing. New Sony e-reader is revealed in FCC filing. Sony Book reader in FCC filing will finally include WiFi. Sony Reader vs Kindle will be a tougher choice when new Sony e-reader with WiFi arrives.

Autography Lets Authors Sign Your E-Book Without Vandalizing Your E-Reader
Autography solution for electronic book signing. Book Signing with e-books a reality with Autography. Authors able to sign e-books electronically with Autography. Signing a book now possible for e-readers.

Review: Sony Reader Touch (PRS 650)
This is a review of Sony's Reader Touch (PRS-650) e-reader. Sony's Reader Touch impresses as a premium e-reader. Sony Reader Touch includes touchscreen and attractive aluminum case. Sony's premium e-reader the Reader Touch earns 4-Star review.

Review: Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350)
A review of the Sony Reader Pocket Edition. A review of the Sony PRS-350. A review of Sony's latest Pocket Reader. Sony's smallest e-reader reviewed.

New Study Says Tablets Doing Well, But E-Readers Sales Going Like Gangbusters
iPad and tablets fail to halt surge in e-reader sales. Study shows dedicated e-readers experiencing strong growth. Growth in e-reader ownership outpaces tablets, even with iPad 2 and PlayBook factored in.

Panasonic Enters the E-Reader Fray (in Japan)
Panasonic Raboo UT-PB1e-reader tablet announced for Japanese release. Color e-book reader from Panasonic to be available in Japan. Pricey Android e-reader from Panasonic will be available in Japan.

What Is Kobo?
An overview of kobo books and kobo e-readers. Kobobooks.com, the kobo e-reader and information about the company. Information about kobo e-books and kobo e-readers. Listing of Kobo details including e-readers up to the new kobo Touch.

Do You Know Kno?
Kno gives up on dual-screen e-reader, introduces Textbooks app for iPad. The Kno lives on through Textbooks app for iPad. Students can download textbooks through Kno app on iPad and save 30-50% off list price. Cheaper college books and lighter backpack promised by Kno's Textbooks app for iPad.

What Is E Ink Pearl?
An overview of the differences between E Ink and E Ink Pearl e-reader displays. An overview of the differences between E-Ink and E-Ink Pearl e-reader displays. Is E ink Pearl superior to original E ink displays. Why upgrade to an E Ink Pearl e-reader.

Have Lending Restrictions Slowed E-Book Adoption at Public Libraries?
Early indicators that library e-books may not have been slowed by OverDrive lending restrictions. E-book lending at public libraries appears to be increasing, despite restrictive lending rules. Reports that customers download e-books from public libraries at an increasing rate.

Another Reason E-Books Rock: Who Has Room for Nine Buses Full of Books?
350,000 books fill nine buses, e-book equivalent is 11 SD cards. 350,000 book library that fills nine buses would make an e-book library that fits in your pocket.

Sideloading: What Is It?
What is sideloading an e-book. What is side loading an e-book. What does it mean when you sideload an e-book. What does it mean when you side load an e-book.

Free E-Books With NOOK Purchase
Barnes and Noble offers 30 free e-books with switch to NOOK. Buy a NOOK, show an old e-reader and receive 30 free e-books.

NOOK Color Overtakes Kindle As Top-Selling E-Reader
NOOK Color outsells Amazon Kindle to become number one e-reader. IDC report puts NOOK Color on top as best-selling e-reader. For first time in years, top-selling e-reader is not a Kindle.

Pottermore.com Reveals Harry Potter E-Books Coming in October
Pottermore.com finally brings Harry Potter e-books. Harry Potter e-books will be available exclusively through Pottermore.com. J.K Rowling announces Harry Potter e-books to be sold exclusively on Pottermore.com. Harry Potter website Pottermore.com to be exclusive source of e-books.

Is Kindle App For iPad Toast?
Apple App Store Still Offering Kindle App, day after deadline to remove in-app purchase option. Amazon and Apple spat buts Kindle e-books on iPad in jeopardy. Kindle on iPad at risk because of Amazon's Shop in Kindle Store button. Apple and Amazon butt heads over Kindle app for iPad.

MyEdge: Customizing Your E-Reader Cover
Review of MyEdge custom e-reader cover. Custom cover for iPad, Nook and Kindle.

Review: M-Edge E-Luminator Book Light
Review of M-Edge e-Luminator reading light. Review of LED reading light for e-reader.

NOOK Color Receives Update, App Store
NOOK Color receives Android 2.2 upgrade with App Store. Nook Color system update 1.2 brings tablet functionality including app store and Flash support. Barnes & Noble upgrades the NOOK Color. NOOK Color becomes an inexpensive Android tablet thanks to firmware update.

Kindle Lending: It's a Start...
lend Kindle e-book, borrow Kindle e-book, borrow free e-books, free e-books by borrowing, borrow free e-reader books, borrow free Kindle books

iCloud and New iBooks Features Help Apple Chip Away at Kindle's Lead
With the introduction of iCloud and release of iBooks v1.3, Apple draws closer to Kindle features on iPad. iCloud and new iBooks release give iPad the equivalent to Kindle's Whispersync and Read-to-Me. iPad becomes a more compelling e-reader thanks to iCloud's Whispersync-like features and new iBooks read-aloud feature.

Bridgestone Displays World's Largest E-Paper Device
E-paper display from Bridgestone. AeroBee is world's largest e-paper device. E-paper display could replace text books. Color E-paper display by Bridgestone is world's biggest.

Publishers Move To Limit Library E-Book Lending
Libraries face new lending restrictions for e-books. E-book lending at libraries threatened by publishers. Will publishers kill e-book lending at libraries. Libraries don't own the e-books they buy. New lending policy means limits on e-book borrowing from public libraries.

Kindle Lending: Is Facebook the New Library?
Kindle Lending makes the decision between Kindle and Nook more difficult. Kindle Lending on Facebook could be foreshadowing the future of e-book libraries. kindle Lending combined with Facebook may represent a challenge to libraries.

Reasons To Buy An E-Reader: Reclaiming Space
An e-reader lets you downsize your book collection. An e-reader fits your entire book collection in one device. A Kindle is a portable library. Replace your bookshelves with an e-reader.

Reasons To Buy An E-Reader: Special Needs
E-readers are ideal for special needs readers. E-books are ideal for special needs readers. E-books can replace large-print books. E-Books can replace audiobooks. E-Books are great for people with poor eyesight.

Reasons To Buy An E-Reader: Kids
10 reasons why buying your kid an e-reader is a good idea. Why buying an e-book reader for your kids makes sense. 10 reasons why you should buy your kids an e-reader. Why parents should consider an e-book reader for their kids.

Downsides To Buying An E-Reader: Restrictive E-Book Borrowing And Lending
Lending and borrowing e-books still a hassle. DRM makes it difficult to lend e-books or borrow e-books. E-book file formats make it difficult to borrow e-books or lend e-books. Still too tough to borrow or lend an e-book.

Is It Worth Buying an E-Reader to Save Money on Books?
Find out if buying e-books saves you money. Learn whether cheaper e-books means that e-reader pays for itself. Do e-books still cost less after you factor in the cost of buying an e-reader?

10 Reasons You Need a Cover for Your e-Reader

Unlike many gadgets, e-readers don't typically lead to an ongoing round of purchases in the form of accessories. There are no speaker docks or video docks, external battery units aren't really a factor with devices that run for weeks on a charge, while wireless handsets, hands free car mounts, external keyboards and wireless remotes wouldn't even work with most e-readers. However, the one accessory every e-reader owner should consider is a cover and here are ten reasons why one should be at the top of your list. 


New eReaders: Upcoming eBook Readers from CES and Beyond
Want to know which eBook readers are in the pipeline? Here's a list of upcoming eReaders culled from the most recent Consumer Electronics Show.

The eBook Reader Compatibility Chart
A chart that shows which eBook readers are compatible with certain file formats.

NSF Says Electronics Interfere With Sleep, But What About E-Readers?
National Sleep Foundation study blames illuminated screens for sleep woes. If you iPad is keeping you awake using an e-reader instead may help. Study says reading at night on your iPad may make your tired

Kindle Software Update Version 3.1
Learn about Kindle Software Update Version 3.1. What's new in Kindle Software Update Version 3.1. Features of Kindle Software Version 3.1. Features of Kindle Software Update Version 3.1.

Half Baked E-Book Borrowing: Taiwan Airport Lends Out E-Readers
Taiwan airport e-book lending. Taiwan airport loans out e-readers to passengers. Why airport passengers have to borrow an e-reader to borrow an e-book.

iBooks Hits 100 Million E-Book Downloads, Random House Joins The Party
Apple iBookstore marks 100 million downloads. Apple iBooks downloads reach 100 million. Steve Jobs announces iBookstore downloads at 100 million. Random House ends iBooks holdout adding 13,000 titles to iBookstore. With Random House now onboard Stieg Larsson and Dan Brown available on iBooks.

What's new with the Kindle 2.5 update?
A look at the new features included in the Kindle 2.5 update.

What's new with Amazon's Kindle 2.3 software update?
A quick rundown of the new features included in Kindle's 2.3 software update.

Review: The Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300)
A review of the Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-300).

Preview: Sony's New eBook Reader Line
Sony fired three shots across Amazon's bow this summer with the announcement of a new line of devices for the e-reading masses. Is Sony's triple threat enough to douse Kindle's fire? Here's a quick look at the company's three latest eBook offerings:

Before You Buy a Portable Ebook Reader
Ebook readers allow you to take lots of ebooks with you on the road. These portable ebook readers, like the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader, hold hundreds of ebooks of popular novels and magazines. What are the best ebook reader features to consider? Read this ebook reader buying guide for more details.

Sony Reader First Look
One particular category of portable electronic product which has never been overly successful is the portable e-book reader. Sony is hoping they can gain success where others have failed as they begin to roll out their new Reader Portable Reading System. For more details on the new Sony eBook Reader, check out this first look.

A Borders Bankruptcy Will Not Be Good News For Kobo
Borders bankruptcy is a threat to Kobo. If Borders declares bankruptcy, what happens to Kobo. Kobo could be a casualty of a Borders bankruptcy. If Borders stores close Kobo e-reader loses shelf space.

First Look of ECTACO jetBook
The ECTACO jetBook is an ebook reader designed to compete against the Sony Reader and Amazon Kindle. The ECTACO jetBook lets one read ebooks downloaded for free and will also let you play audiobooks. For more details, read this first look of the ECTACO jetBook.

Amazon Kindle Ebook Reader Review
The Amazon Kindle ebook reader is an amazing ebook device with only a few minor flaws. The Kindle from Amazon lets you read hundreds of ebooks, download ebooks wirelessly, download newspapers wirelessly and read your favorite blogs. The Kindle is a solid ebook reader worth checking out.

Product Preview: Amazon Kindle 2
The Kindle 2 is Amazon's new ebook reader. This Amazon ebook reader improves upon the original Kindle, offering a thinner design and sharper screen. This ebook reader continues to let you wirelessly down ebooks from Amazon. For more details on the Amazon Kindle 2, consult this product preview.

What is EPUB?
A quick look at the "electronic publication" or EPUB format.

What is the Barnes & Noble Nook Android App?
A look at the features of Barnes & Noble's Nook App for Android devices.

A Unique Tweener: Spring Design's Alex eReader
A review of Spring Design's dual screen Alex eReader.

What is the Kindle 3G and Kindle Wi-Fi?
A look at the features of Amazon's new Kindle 3 lineup: the Kindle 3G and Kindle Wi-Fi.

Nook Wi-Fi Nixes 3G for Better Value
Barnes & Noble Nook Wi-Fi eBook reader review.

Before You Buy an eBook Reader
Tips Before Buying an eBook Reader

Nook Battery Removal: How to Change Battery of Barnes & Noble Nook
A step-by-step tutorial on how to change the battery of a Barnes & Noble Nook eReader.

Amazon Preps Kindle E-Book Library Lending
Kindle vs. NOOK and Sony gets tougher with Kindle e-books at library. New agreement means free Kindle books at public libraries. Books for Kindle will be offered through public libraries. Kindle books to be offered by public libraries.

Amazon Tablet Getting Closer, LCD Kindle Would Counter iPad and NOOK Color
All we know about the rumored Amazon tablet. Amazon tablet expected to take on NOOK Color and iPad. Amazon tablet expected to join Kindle lineup. Tablet from Amazon expected to muddy the e-reader waters.

Preview: Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color
A look at the specs and features of Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color eBook Reader.

Digital Tipping Point? Amazon Says E-Books Now Top Print Book Sales
Amazon.com press release says Kindle e-books now outsell print books. Kindle e-books are now outselling hardcover and paperback versions combined on Amazon.com. Amazon.com CEP Jeff Bezos says customers choosing Kindle e-books over print versions. E-book sales now surpass printed books on Amazon.com.

Nook Apps Slow in Coming
Nook android apps slow in coming after update and Nook Store launch. Nook app store is off to a slow start compared to Apple's App store and others. Nook Color apps remain in short supply three weeks after Nook upgrade. Apps for the Nook are increasing much more slowly than other app stores.

Huffington Post Predicts End of the E-Reader
The Huffington Post predicts tablet sales mean the end of dedicated e-readers. The Huffington Post suggests e-readers will be left behind by tablets. Will the iPad and tablet computers kill off the standalone e-reader.

Harry Potter E-Books Hinted, E-Reader Manufacturers And Muggles Hopeful
Harry Potter e-book versions could net J.K. Rowling 100 million pound payday. J.K. Rowling considering Harry Potter e-book release. Harry Potter e-books could be in the future. Harry Potter e-books would boost e-reader and e-book sales.

Canucks Snapping Up Cheap Refurb Kobo E-Readers
New low price for e-readers in Canada. Best Buy clearing out Kobo e-readers in Canada. Canadian Stores set new low price point for e-readers. Is Borders bankruptcy fallout hitting Kobo.

Sony E-Reader App Rejected by Apple App Store
Why did Apple reject the Sony Reader app. Will Apple shut down the Amazon Kindle App. Apple wants 30 percent of all app e-book purchases. Apple Sony feud in the works over App Store and e-books.

After the Borders Setback, Kobo Goes On The Offensive
After Borders Bankruptcy Kobo Fights Back. Kobo Claims 2.3 million e-books and 2.7 million customers. RIM, Samsung and HTC pick Kobo e-reader platform. 20 million Kobo-ready devices in 2011.

Sharing Kindle E-Books Online Gets Muddier After Lendle Skirmish
Online Kindle library site subject of Amazon action. Lendle temporarily stopped from lending Kindle e-books by Amazon. Lendle action shows Amazon and publishers still not onboard with e-book lending. Future for sharing Kindle e-books remains uncertain.

Publishers Report Shows E-Book Sales Up, E-Readers Becoming Mainstream
E-book market share increases according to publishers. E-Book sales up 115% in January. E-book market nears 10 percent of overall book sales. Books for E-readers represent a rapidly growing market.

Apple Wins, iBooks Has Lock on iOS Buy From Store Button
Apple forces Kindle, NOOK and Kobo apps for iOS to drop in-app purchases. Amazon blinks, Kindle app for iOS loses its Shop From Kindle Store button. Book apps on iPad and iPhone from Amazon, Kobo and NOOK lose in-app purchase capability.

What's The Best E-Reader For School?
The best e-reader for school is Amazon's Kindle DX. E-textbooks, big screen, free 3G and advanced notes make Kindle DX the top choice for students. Kindle DX beats out iPad and smaller e-readers as our top pick for students seeking an e-reader.

Pssst! Wanna Save Money On Textbooks? Amazon Now Rents Kindle E-Textbooks
College textbooks made more affordable thanks to Amazon's Kindle rental program. Kindle textbooks are now cheaper thanks to Amazon rental option. Rent Kindle books for school to save money. University textbooks cost much less when you rent the Kindle version from Amazon.

NOOK Color Firmware Update Brings Multimedia Magazine Extras, More
NOOK Color software update 1.3.0 adds new functions including enhanced digital magazines and parental browser controls. Barnes & Noble rolling out NOOK Color firmware update to support enhanced NOOK special edition digital magazines. Digital Magazines gain multimedia extras with NOOK special editions for NOOK Color.

Kindle Daily Deals
Amazon's new Kindle Daily Deals program offers heavily discounted Kindle book prices for one title each day. E-Book bargain hunters have something to look forward to every morning thanks to Amazon's Kindle Daily Deals.

Review: Sofia the First Story Theater App
“Sofia the First: Story Theater App” serves up storybook and digital puppet theater.

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