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MyEdge: Customizing Your E-Reader Cover

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PMyEdge personalized e-reader cover from M-Edge.

My MyEdge e-reader cover, sporting Battlestar Galactica concept art by Eric Chu (artwork used with permission).

Photo by Brad Moon

Buying a case or cover for your e-reader can be an exercise in practicality (i.e., protecting your investment) and a jacket-like cover can make a slab of plastic, glass and metal a little more book-like. It also provides an opportunity to individualize your gadget -after all, most manufacturers give you a choice of a few colors and some may let you engrave a few words on the back, but your e-reader basically looks identical to millions of other gadgets out there.


Accessory maker M-Edge has a new product out called MyEdge, that lets you knock off all three of the above. MyEdge is a jacket style cover made of canvas with a leather spine. Its padding and firm grip on your e-reader offers protection from bumps while nestling the device within a book-like jacket that allows for a traditional,  two-handed reading grip. What's special about MyEdge, though, is that you can completely customize the cover. The web site tools make the design work extremely easy, letting you choose colors and patterns and offering the ability to upload your own artwork (it can be cropped and resized as needed to fit within the template). Preview functions let you view your design from multiple angles and there is a robust help system, although I expect most people won't need it. When you have the perfect design, place your order and within a week or two, your customized e-reader cover shows up at your front door.


I went with a Battlestar Galactica theme, contacting BSG conceptual artist Eric Chu, who gave me permission to use his very cool Cylon Centurion artwork. I think it turned out pretty well and took all of five minutes to complete, including the time I spent experimenting with different background and spine colors. The one thing that keeps the MyEdge cover from rating 4 stars is the fact that there's no way to keep the cover closed -a tab or latch to close it and add an extra degree of protection when carrying your e-reader around would have made it just about perfect.

MyEdge is currently available for iPad and iPad 2, NOOK, Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 and ranges in price from $40-$50.


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