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Review: Timbuk2 Nylon Envelope Sleeve For 3rd Generation Kindle

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Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve in funky Black/Gunmetal/Lime-aid color scheme.

The Nylon Kindle Envelop Sleeve from Timbuk2 in Black/Gunmetal/Lime-aid.

Image from Timbuk2.com

Many people like the look and form factor of their Kindle; they don't want to hide it or change the way they hold it. A cover which makes the e-reader more like a traditional book both in appearance and the way in which one holds it, probably doesn't cut it in this case. That being said, a Kindle is still an expensive piece of hardware and it makes sense to protect it when not in use. An envelope or slip case form factor is a good alternative, offering protection that's easily removed whenever the Kindle is used.


Funky Look, Slim Form, Decent Protection

The Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve is a popular choice among Kindle users. Timbuk2 has been manufacturing protective carrying cases for over 20 years and has built a reputation for producing quality, warranty-backed products. 

The Nylon Kindle Envelop Sleeve is made from a tight weave ballistic nylon, with reinforced seams and high density foam padding. Stitching is precise, there were no loose threads in the review sample provided, it appears to be quite well constructed and the funky color scheme makes it stand out in a crowd. Its Tricot (i.e., soft flannel-like) lining won't scratch the Kindle or its display and the three piece velcro flap enclosure keeps the e-reader securely inside while affording easy access; in fact, this sleeve is TSA approved, for those who like to bring their Kindles with them while flying. The case holds a 3rd generation Kindle snugly and should provide adequate protection from accidental drops and scratches. The nylon can be wiped clean and provides some protection against water; it's not waterproof, though, so consider the sleeve as something that might buy you a few minutes if caught in the rain with your e-reader. It's a very slim and compact design, weighing next to nothing (in the 3 ounce range) and adding little to the dimensions of the Kindle itself. This is a soft case, though, and not armored, so it's still possible to crush your Kindle or suffer stress breakages if you were to pack it in a box with heavy objects, for example, or subject it to a high impact situation. 



The Violet/Barley color scheme may appeal to those who don't like fluorescent green.

Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve in Violet/Barley.

Image from Timbuk2.com

If you like the look of this sleeve, but aren't necessarily a fan of the Black/Gunmetal/Lime-aide green (which is, admittedly, rather bright), it's available in a range of other color combos, including plain Black, Black and White and a Violet/Barley mix. Timbuktu also offers versions for the Kindle 2 and a super-sized version for the Kindle DX. As of writing, this sleeve is pulling in an impressive 185 five-star and 71 four-star ratings on Amazon.com. If you're one of those Kindle owners who wants stylish and effective protection for storing and carrying your e-reader, without the complicated removal process or book-like form factor of a cover, the Timbuk2 Nylon Kindle Envelope Sleeve is a good choice. Available from Timbuk2.com and retailers.

Price: $29.99 at Amazon.com

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