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All You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle


All About the Amazon Kindle
All You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle
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Amazon's Kindle was not the first e-book reader ever released. But there's no doubt it was the one with the most impact. Since its release in November 2007, the Kindle has been a key reason for the mainstream adoption of the digital e-book format. In fact, e-books now outsell both hardcover and paperback books combined on Amazon.com.

Through the years, the original E-Ink Kindle has seen plenty of refreshes, including the addition of Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity features. Amazon also released a "DX" variant, which sports a bigger screen than the regular Kindle. But with increased competition from competitors such as Barnes & Noble and Sony, which both offered touchscreen e-readers for example, Amazon needed to step up its game. Barnes & Noble's Nook Color tablet was especially a surprise, eclipsing the Kindle as the bestselling e-reader worldwide in 2011, thanks to its ability to be used as an Android tablet.

By 2011, Amazon refreshed its entire Kindle lineup by offering six models. The original Kindle 3 models were rebranded the Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Keyboard 3G. Amazon also added four new models. The first is a budget priced $79 Kindle with no keyboard. Next were two e-ink-based touchscreen models, the Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G. Rounding out the list was an Android-based tablet, the Kindle Fire. Needless to say, Amazon has no plans of relinquishing its e-reader crown that easily.


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