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How to Borrow an E-Book From Your Public Library (E-Reader Version)


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Check your library's web page for OverDrive, E-Books or Downloadable Books.

On this library web page, there are several ways to access its e-book collection. There's an OverDrive section and also the ability to search titles from 'Downloadable Books.'

  • Are e-books available? Not all libraries offer digital borrowing yet. Your library’s website will have a link to e-books or digital books if the service is available.
  • Membership required. This is a minor issue, but you are required to have a membership at a library in order to borrow e-books. Many offer 30-day trial memberships online, so you can try it out without having to commit or trudge down to the branch. Some libraries may allow guest members to live outside of their local area, but publishers are working on tightening up this loophole.
  • Computer access is required. The typical e-book borrowing setup requires the library customer to have their own computer (and Internet access).  


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