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eBook Reader Central

All You Need to Know About eReaders


From Amazon’s Kindle to Apple’s iPad, options for eBook readers these days are quite diverse. Our eReader hub helps you navigate the variety of eReader models and technologies out there so you can be a savvy “E-reader” yourself. From buying tips to reviews and general information, eBook Reader Central is the place for brushing up on your eReader smarts.

How to Choose an E-Book Reader

With all sorts of considerations such as display type and file compatibility, choosing an eReader can sound complicated. But it doesn't have to be. The eReader Buying Guide takes out the mystery from the eReader selection process and spells out key features to consider — all in a way that's easy to understand.

All About Amazon's Kindle Line

Amazon's Kindle was not the first e-book reader ever released. But there's no doubt it was the one with the most impact. Since its release in November 2007, the Kindle has been a key reason for the mainstream adoption of the digital e-book format. This hub contains reviews, previews and tutorials for the various Amazon Kindle models.

The E-Book Reader File Compatibility Chart

With a wide range of eBook file formats out there, figuring out which device plays what can be a major hassle. Here's a list of some of the more popular eBooks out there and which files they are compatible with.

Buying a Used E-Book Reader

There are plenty of used e-readers for sale on craigslist, e-Bay and even popping up at garage sales these days. Some people get lucky and find someone who bought an e-reader and never quite clicked with it, or stumble across the chronic upgrader who sells off their gadgets as soon as the latest and greatest version is out. If you're on a budget, used e-readers are definitely worth considering -so long as you use common sense.

10 Reasons to Get an E-Reader Case

Is there a case to be made for getting a, um, case for your e-book reader? Here are some key reasons to consider wrapping a cover around your e-reading device.

10 Reasons to Get an E-Reader for Kids

If you are one of those fence sitters who is considering laying down the cash to invest in an e-reader, but you're not entirely convinced of whether this is a good idea or not, read on.

Is It Worth Buying an E-Reader to Save Money on Books?

A lot has changed in the e-book reader landscape since Amazon released the original Kindle in 2007. That includes the investment required for both e-readers and e-books. We do a cost analysis between the benefits of going digital and buying traditional books.

Best Beach E-Readers

Outside of swimming, building sandcastles, playing volleyball and perhaps people watching, reading a trashy paperback novel is one of the great joys of lying on the beach. But what happens when you decide that it's time to go all twenty-first century, abandon the "dead tree" (i.e., paper) books and embrace e-books?

How to Turn Your Nook Color Into an Android Tablet

Many people don't realize this, but beneath the hood, the Nook Color is actually an Android tablet. The good news is that the heavy lifting has already been done and upgrading a Nook Color to run Honeycomb or other Android versions is relatively simple to do. Better yet, using the technique outlined in this article, turning your NOOK Color into a fully functional Android tablet is not only relatively straightforward, but it can be done without voiding your warranty.

How to Change the Battery on a 1st-Generation Nook

Changing the battery of a Barnes & Noble Nook eReader may seem complicated at first. But it's actually a lot easier than you may think. This step-by-step tutorial spells out everything you need to know about changing your Nook battery, complete with photos and illustrations.

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