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Aerielle i2i Folding Portable Speakers

Portable speakers which offer some get up and go


Aerielle i2i Folding Portable Speakers

Aerielle i2i Folding Portable Speakers

Updated February 01, 2009
True portable speakers only come along now and again amongst all of the portable electronics style products announced by manufacturers. Some of the big challenges facing this category of items include decent battery life and quality sound. Aerielle, a maker of FM transmitters and wireless audio accessories, hopes to beat this curve with its i2i Folding Portable Speakers.


The Aerielle i2i Folding Portable Speakers, priced around $40 at the time of this product preview writing, work with practically any portable audio device, be it a generic MP3 player, Apple iPod or portable DVD player. This is made possible via the speakers' attached 3.5mm audio jack to connect to headphone output on other devices. A 2.5mm converter is included for those who want to enjoy music off of a cell phone as well.

The advantage of portable speakers like these is that you can enjoy music without the need for headphones, making it easier to share this audio with others if you so desire. Technical aspects of these speakers, for those curious about the potential sound quality, include a frequency response rate of 230 Hz to 20 kHz.

These i2i Folding Portable Speakers are powered by AC/DC connectivity for those who desire that, but they work also with four included AAA batteries. Aerielle estimates these batteries will deliver up to five hours of battery life before needing to be replaced, which isn't too bad at all. There's also an on/off switch to help save battery life.

Other features of these speakers include a foldable design for easier storage, an included carrying pouch and a all-in-one connected body. The model number is PS600.

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