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First Look of Polaroid Freescape 4360


Polaroid Freescape 4360

Polaroid Freescape 4360

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Updated March 22, 2008
Portable media players come from a variety of companies but all more or less do the same thing: play your favorite media files on a portable device with a screen. Some companies offer variations on this product with extra special little features to get you interested. One of these is Polaroid and its recently unveiled Freescape 4360.


The Polaroid Freescape 4360 has as its little draw wireless Internet connectivity. With this particular feature you should be able to transfer media files wirelessly between your computer and the player. You'll also be able to download podcasts – special Internet audio files – wirelessly and share your media with other folks with similar devices.

As far as support for specific media files goes, the Freescape 4360 offers your standards like MPEG-4 video, MP3 audio, WMA audio and JPEG digital images. It has a 60 GB hard drive built into it, which should hold around 15,000 songs, 400,000 photos or 120 hours of video. Battery life is said to be up to 16 hours of audio or four hours of video playback before requiring a recharge.

This new Polaroid portable media player sports a nice looking 4.3-inch TFT color screen for your viewing pleasure. It can also let you view your videos and digital images on a television via its TV output. If you aren't in the mood for that, you can flip on its built-in FM radio and listen to the local ball game.

Other features of the Freescape 4360 include dimensions of 0.9- x 3.1- x 5.7-inches, USB 2.0 support for high speed file transfers and file transfer and management to the player via Windows Media Player. There is no word on specific pricing at this point.

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