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Review: Minnie Bow Maker App

Disney App Indulges Your Inner Bow Designer


Review: Minnie Bow Maker App

As a newspaper reporter, I take pride in being able to handle any assignment. That belief also translates to my work as a tech guy, leading me to review all sorts of stuff that no self-respecting grown man really ever should. Which brings us to my take on Disney’s Minnie Bow Maker app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This, ladies and gentlemen, is called taking one for the team.

I did it … for the children.

Now, I know what you’re thinking in that curious little head of yours. You’re thinking, “Jason Hidalgo, you handsome and manly devil, you. What, pray tell, is this fabulous-looking Minnie Bow Maker app that you’re talking about?” Why, I’m sure glad you asked, overly-chipper-reader-who-I-just-made-up-in-my-head (a head, by the way, that is certifiably bow free. Just wanted to make sure that’s clear, OK?). In Minnie Bow Maker you play the role of Minnie Mouse’s wonderful little helper, assisting the fashionably chic rodent in coming up with beautiful bow designs. You can indulge your bow-making gene several ways. First, you can jump into the game’s story mode and create bows for various Disney characters such as Daisy Duck, Cuckoo-Loca, and Millie and Melody. I must admit, I didn’t even know those latter three characters existed — which will likely drop my cool factor in the eyes of my niece by several points if she ever found out so shhh, ‘kay? Going through the story sequences for each character will allow you to unlock them as models on the “Big Bow Show.” The “Big Bow Show” is basically a virtual runway that lets you see your custom bow creations while they’re being worn by the aforementioned Disney characters.

Folks who prefer to skip the story mode can also create new bows right off the bat by heading straight to the Bow Maker. The Bow Maker lets you pick your desired bow shape as well as your material of choice. These range from basic designs and colors to more unusual shapes and psychedelic patterns that would make Sir Elton John proud. Once you get your choices dialed in, you can then turn the Bow Maker’s virtual crank and out comes your gorgeous creation. There’s really no business like bow business, baby.

In addition to having Disney characters model your creation, you can also take a photo of yourself and plop a virtual bow on top of your head to impress your friends. Given my aversion to becoming a blackmail victim, I passed on taking a picture of myself and decided to snap a photo of my dog instead. Once you have your photo, you can position, rotate and resize your bow however you like. Man, my dog is so freaking adorable. You can then save your photo or even e-mail it to family and friends. Yes, look at my bow-wearing canine and watch your hearts melt from all the cuteness, mwahahaha. I think I’m probably having more fun than I should with this whole thing.

Admittedly, the game could use a few more extra modes to further help extend replayability. I also wish there was an easier way to access the bows you have already created (By the way, when I say “I,” well, I actually mean not me personally but, you know, the people who use this app. Hey, I’m just sayin’.) Still, I think the game’s target audience will likely love Minnie Bow Maker. Even if you’re not part of that target audience, any app that allows you to plop a silly, little bow on your silly brother’s head with a 3D rendering of Minnie Mouse on the side and then send that silly picture to all your relatives is actually OK in my book.

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  • Platform: iPod, iPhone and iPad devices with iOS 4.2 and higher
  • Cost: $3.99
  • Final rating: 4 stars out of 5
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