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Review: Nyko PS Vita Power Grip

Grip Attachment Also Doubles Vita’s Battery Life

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating


Review: Nyko PS Vita Power Grip

The Nyko Power Grip for PlayStation Vita

Image © Nyko

We’ve reviewed our fair share of Nyko gaming accessories for portable consoles on this site, including the Power Pak+ for the 3DS, its more grippy followup — the 3DS Power Grip, and even the PlayStation Vita Speaker Stand. Now we’re adding another Nyko gaming peripheral to the fold with our review of the Vita Power Grip. The device obviously gets its name from the two conspicuous handles that protrude from its curvaceous bottom. But that’s just half of the story as this grippy peripheral also packs in an extra battery, leading to the “Power” part of the Power Grip moniker. The end result? Well, read on for the gripping details. (I only have three words for folks who think that was horrible pun: Guilty as charged.)

First off, I’m really digging the look and feel of the material used for the Vita Power Grip. Nyko thankfully opted out of using a glossy plastic surface, which usually works as a dirt and grime magnet that also gets slippery when your hands get sweaty during extended gaming sessions. Instead, it uses a non-reflective material that’s smooth and soft to the touch. The best way that I can describe it is that it almost feels like rubber, which enhances grip really well. I was a bit worried that the surface would be harder to clean compared to glossy material, particularly if you get something oily on it. It actually didn’t take long for me to find out because I accidentally put the Power Grip in a plastic bag that had some hot sauce residue shortly after getting it (The lesson as always is, I’m an idiot). Fortunately, I was able to get all the stuff out with just a moist paper towel.

Getting the Vita docked into the Power Grip is actually pretty easy. Just click the switch under the Nyko logo to unlock the connector and slide it down. You can then plop your Vita right in, push the connector up and then lock it to secure your portable console in place. Once docked, the whole setup feel pretty good. You definitely get a more secure and comfortable grasp of your Vita, though you’ll likely need to loosen your grip on one of the handles if you want to tap the center touchscreen with your thumbs.

What really makes the Power Grip a worthy peripheral to yours truly, however, is the additional battery life it provides. As someone who has traveled around the country and the world with my portable electronic devices, battery life is a pretty big deal for me. Admittedly, this isn’t exactly one of the strong suits of the Vita, which gets around three to five hours of play time with its 2,210mAh battery depending on your settings. Thanks to the Power Grip’s additional 2,800mAh battery, however, you end up doubling the Vita’s operation time — a big help during those long road trips or plane flights across the ocean.

Admittedly, Nyko’s Vita Power Grip has its share of niggles. For starters, it does not come with its own power adapter so you will need to use the one that came with your Vita. This means you can’t save time prior to trips by charging your Vita and the Power Grip separately and have to charge both together. Although light, the Power Grip also adds even more size to the already large Vita, which limits your storage options a bit when traveling. The most glaring one though is the fact that it covers the Vita’s card slot so you will need to take it off to access it.

Despite all that, I still think Nyko’s Vita Power Grip is a great peripheral for players looking to improve both their hold on their device and their playing time. Add the fact that it only costs $25 to $30 and the Nyko Vita Power Grip is one accessory that’s worth the price of admission.

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  • Platform: PlayStation Vita
  • Cost: $25-$30
  • Final rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
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