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Review: Coloud C22 Retro-Style Themed Headphones

Coloud's C22 Line Adds Marvel, Hello Kitty and Star Wars Style to Your Ears

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Review: Coloud C22 Retro-Style Themed Headphones

Coloud C22 headphones with Iron Man trim.

Photo © Coloud

Superhero pajamas are nice and all. But sometimes, you just gotta display your superhero chops on your gear, too.

Take Coloud’s line of Marvel Comics-themed C22 headphones. With designs ranging from, Captain America, Iron Man, the Punisher and the X-Men, those geeks in the Big Bang Theory would be positively giddy to have these.

But what about you? Read on for my take on Coloud’s retro-style Marvel Headphones.


Good sound quality: Sound quality is pretty decent for the price. In simple terms, the balance between bass and treble is somewhere in the middle and doesn’t lean more toward one or the other. Using headphones I’ve reviewed, for example, iLuv Tatz sports great clarity and trebel with cleaner bass tones while the V-Moda Crossfade LP focuses more on a heavy bass signature. The Coloud’s overall sound profile is somewhere in the middle.

Tight fit: These phones fit pretty tight. In fact, some folks may find it to be a bit too tight. But you don’t have to worry about them coming off loose all the time.

Unique, old-school look: One of the first things you’ll notice when looking at these is the cool retro look. It almost has a bit of a “steampunk-ish” style given the mix of stitching and metal wiring design elements combined with more modern touches.

Phone-cord wiring: Part of the cord is actually twisted like a phone cord, which helps keep the overall profile smaller and reduces wire tangling.

Noise isolation: The Coloud Marvel headphones features some noise isolation, which is always helpful in improving sound quality.


Connector static: Contact with the headphone jack connector causes crackling static sound while listening to music. Not sure if it’s just the particular unit I reviewed but it’s noticeable enough to be annoying when it happens.

Small ear pads: The ear pads on this thing are pretty small compared to some full-size headphones. So while it’s pretty tight, you don’t get the same snug feel from headphones with bigger ear pads.

Tightness adds up over time: While it’s great to have headphones that don’t fall off easily, the super tight fit can get a bit uncomfortable over time.


Despite its drawbacks, Coloud’s line of C22 Marvel headphones offers pretty good sound for $39.90. Besides designs for folks who like their headphones to have a heroic touch, the Coloud C22 also comes in other styles like Hello Kitty, SpongeBob and Star Wars. Add its unique retro design and you have a set of headphones that make a nice gift for fans who like any of he aforementioned designs.

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