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Review: MEElectronics M6 Earphones

M6 Earbuds Aim to Provide Bang for the Buck

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Review: MEElectronics M6 Earphones

MEElectronics' M6 sports distinctive memory wire ear hooks to help keep its earbuds in place.

Image © MEElectronics

In the sonic-obsessed world of earphones, there’s a constant tango that’s always unfolding between price and performance. Most times, it’s an “either-or” tug of war — improving performance typically means losing affordability while aiming for low cost usually throttles performance. Then you have earphone makers such as MEElectronics, who claim to provide excellent performance at a discount price. Does the claim hold water or is it all wet? Let’s give it a look, er, listen shall we?

The moment you unpack the MEElectronics M6 out of the box, you’ll immediately notice a couple of things. One is the uniquely shaped plastic back that holds up the earbuds. The other is the memory wire ear loop that’s obviously designed to help keep the earbuds snuggled up to your ears. The memory wire actually works quite well when looped around your ears. As someone who struggles to keep earbuds in place, I’ve pretty much disavowed using most of the darn things unless I’m dealing with something like the eminently sticky Yurbuds Ironman Inspire Pro. While the MEElectronics M6 isn’t quite as secure as the Yurbuds, I must say that the loops actually help a lot — particularly for regular, casual use. It even has a clip attached to the wiring for added stickability when directly attaching it to your clothing. If, unlike me, you generally have no issues with keeping earbuds in place, I can even see the loops making the M6 a viable option during exercise or other activities. MEElectronics also throws in some extras with the M6, such as a carrying case and earbud tips in various shapes and sizes. These include flanged tips, which not only help with fit but audio quality as well.

Speaking of audio quality, the M6’s audio profile is pretty solid. You get a healthy amount of bass without the muddiness that typically comes with other earphones that try to play up the lower frequencies. The highs meanwhile, are pretty pronounced — perhaps exceedingly so as they can get somewhat shrill even with a snug fit and all sorts of adjustment with my players’ manual equalizers. I think one reason the treble stands out so much is due to the mids, which are either flat or could use more warmth to assert themselves. Using the flanged earbud tips does help tame the highs a bit, though, they’re still a bit assertive compared to the mids. Noise isolation, meanwhile, is quite good if you get your buds fitted perfectly. As with earbuds in general, however, you could still experience ear fatigue around your ear canal after a while.

Despite its niggles, I think the M6 provides solid sound for the price. It’s not quite at the level of the earbuds such as the V-Moda Remix Remote or the Arctic Sound E361 but it costs about a third of the former thanks to its $30 price tag (or even lower if you search around online) and sticks to your ears better than the latter due to its ear loops. Overall, I’d describe this as, say, the Hyundai of earbud-style earphones. It may not come with the pedigree or even the performance of its top tier competitors. For its price, however, it delivers pretty good bang for your listening buck. Give it a look if you’re looking for decent sound without taking a big hit on the old wallet.

Final rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

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