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How to Update Your Kindle Fire Tablet

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Update the Software of Your Kindle Fire


Amazon Kindle Fire
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So you’ve got a brand-spanking new Kindle Fire and Amazon’s already released a brand-spanking new software update for it. What’s a brand-spanking new owner to do? Well, brush off that question mark hovering above your head as we’ve got the step-by-step lowdown that’ll light a new fire into your Kindle Tablet. To learn how to update your Kindle Fire, read on.


This will be the method of choice for most folks since it’s quick and simple. Heck, it’s so easy that you’ll probably wonder why I even bothered to write a tutorial. (You wanna know why? Because I’m a swell guy, that’s why.)

First make sure you have a working Wi-Fi connection for your Kindle Fire. Yes, sadly, your impressive willpower alone isn’t enough to transmit the software update to your device. You need it to be connected to the Interwebs.

The second step is to make sure that you’re Kindle Fire is fully charged. You don’t want to run out of juice, especially in the middle of installation as that could do some not-so-nice things to your device.

Once you’ve got that all sorted out, look at the upper right part of the tablet. You should see a Quick Settings icon. Tap that and then tap “Sync” and any applicable software update will start to automatically download in the background. The update will be applied once download is complete and your Kindle Fire is asleep.


If you want to update your Kindle Fire via a computer, well, you can do that, too. First off, you want to make sure to check what software version your tablet is using so you just don’t utterly waste your time. To do that, tap the Quick Settings icon on the top right of your Kindle Fire. Indulge your greedy side after that and tap “More.” Finally, tap “Device.” You should be able to see the version number of your Kindle Fire (like 6.0 or 6.1).

After that, you’ll want to make sure that there actually is an update that is newer than what you’ve got. To do that, visit Amazon’s online page for Kindle Software Updates. Scroll below and you see a list of software for each Kindle device. You’ll want the one that says “Kindle Software Update” followed by a version number. If the number is higher than the software on your device (which we checked earlier), then it is a newer update. Click the link and download the update to your computer.

Locate the downloaded file in your computer and connect your Kindle Fire with a USB cable. A device icon for your tablet should then show up on your computer. Click on that icon and navigate to the “kindleupdates” folder. Click and hold the icon for the software update you downloaded and drag it into the “kindleupdates” folder or just copy and paste it.

Once you verify that the software update has been copied, tap the “Disconnect” button on your Kindle Fire screen to safely disconnect it. Now unplug the USB cable from your computer.

Just like with the quick update method above, ensure that your battery is fully charged. Then tap the Quick Settings icon in the top right of the screen, channel Billy Idol in the midnight hour and tap "More" then “Device.” You should now see an option that says "Update Your Kindle" (If the “Update Your Kindle” tab is grayed out, then that either means you have the most recent update already installed or the initial file transfer from your computer was not successful). Tap that and the software update process will start. Your Kindle tablet will re-start twice after this. Voila, you have just successfully accomplished a manual update of your Kindle.

Folks who are having issues updating their software update also can contact Kindle Support by clicking the "Contact Us" button in the right hand side of the Kindle Software Updates page I mentioned earlier.

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