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Review: AViiQ Smart Case for iPad

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Review: AViiQ Smart Case for iPad

The AViiQ Smart Case paired with Apple's official Smart Cover

Image © AViiQ

So you got yourself one of those official Apple Smart Covers for your iPad and now the backside of your tablet looks a wee bit nekkid. Perhaps your Puritanical tendencies demand to cover up that bad boy. Maybe you want to protect your iPad from scratches. Whatever your reason, AViiQ likely had you in mind when it came up with its AViiQ Smart Case. We take a closer look at this colorful iPad shell to weigh its pros and cons for you (version tested was for the iPad 2).


It matches: Many third-party shells for the iPad come in basic colors that don’t match Apple’s line of Smart Covers. Not so with the AViiQ Smart Case, which comes in a multitude of colors designed to match the range of Apple’s magnetic covers to a “T.” The shell is also compatible with the Smart Cover not just in looks but in function so you can keep using your magnet cover as intended.

Looks nice: The metallic finish for the AViiQ smart case looks pretty good as opposed to the cheap-looking plastic finish seen in some rear shells. Design cues such as the holes for the speaker also match the overall aesthetic of the iPad. You have several colors to choose from as well.

Easy to use: The AViiQ Smart Case is easy to install and fits snugly on the iPad. Folks who like to frequently swap their iPad shells and smart covers with book-style leather cases will also like the fact that the Smart Case is easy to take off should the need arise.

It protects: The rear case provides protects the back of your beloved iPad from nicks and scratches. This is especially helpful for families where the iPad is shared with kids. After all, kids aren’t exactly known for being gentle with expensive technology.


Adds bulk: While the AViiQ Smart Case shell is light, it still makes your tablet look chunkier. Given how a slim profile is one of the selling points of, say, the iPad 2, adding that bulk sort of defeats the purpose to Apple’s much lauded slim design.

Plasticky trim: The edges of the AViiQ Smart Case have a plastic trim that looks a bit cheap, especially when compared to the case’s nice-looking metallic finish. Not sure if it’s a functional thing but it would’ve looked nicer if the trim used a metallic silver finish instead of a dull plastic one.

Not multi-functional: While some competing cases also double as, say, a car head rest attachment, the AViiQ serves as a rear case and, well, that’s pretty much it. This could be a drawback for consumers considering the $35-$40 case but would like to get a bit more functionality from the accessory. On the plus side, the fact that it’s compatible with the Apple Smart Cover means you can still use the cover as a folding stand.


Although it isn’t perfect, the AViiQ Smart Cover still has some good things going for it. It’s one of the more compatible iPad shells out there in terms of its visual look. Compatibility with the Smart Cover is a plus. Also, you don’t have to worry about breaking a nail if you ever need to take it off.

Like any rear case, however, it will add bulk to your iPad’s prized slim profile. Plus it’s a one-trick pony that doesn’t do anything else but serve as an iPad shell. Still, for folks just looking for exactly that, then the AViiQ smart case is worth a look.


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