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Review: ModulR Shell Case for iPad 2

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Review: ModulR Shell Case for iPad 2

The modulR multipurpose iPad shell.

Image © modulR

The release of Apple’s magnetic Smart Cover led to a bunch of shell-type cases from third-party companies looking to attract iPad owners who want to protect the back of their prized tablet. One of the companies to release such an iPad case is modulR, which not only released a rear cover but also designed it to be the Swiss Army Knife of iPad shells. Here’s a close look at modulR’s multipurpose case for the iPad 2.


Offers protection: The hard shell does a good job in protecting the back of the iPad from scratches and nicks. It fits securely with the tablet as well, so you don’t have to worry about the case falling off. The modulR also works with the official Smart Cover, which is good news for folks who have already invested in the official Apple peripheral.

It’s multipurpose: Besides acting as a protective shell for the iPad 2, the modulR case is designed to work with several optional attachments that increase its utility. Examples include a stand, hand strap, shoulder strap, wall mount and even a car strap. The car strap uses a simple velcro wrap-around that attaches to the back of a car’s front-seat head rest. It’s a bit low tech but is easy and quick to install and works quite well in securing the iPad for in-car viewing. This and other optional attachments extend the functionality of the modulR whether it be at home, school, the office or on the go.

Slim profile: I’ve tried out several iPad shells and this is one of the slimmer ones I’ve seen. Some rear shells add bulk or even a bulge to the iPad, which sort of defeats the purpose behind the tablet’s slim design. While the modulR certainly adds some thickness, it’s not as egregious as some of the other one’s I’ve seen.


Looks plasticky: I tested the white modulR case and while the product is solid, the plastic finish looks a bit cheap. It’s just got that shiny look that screams plastic, which doesn’t go quite as well with the iPad’s elegant design.

Extra expense: An iPad 2 case plus hand strap starts off at $39.99 but if you want a shoulder strap, that’ll require an extra $19.99. Same with the car strap and wall mount which cost $19.99 each. Want the quick stand? Tha’s an extra $14.99. Otherwise, you can opt for bundles like the “Anywhere Pack,” which costs $69.99 and includes a hand strap, car strap, shoulder strap and wall mount.

Tough to take off: If you never plan on removing the modulR, then this isn’t a problem. But if the timer eve comes where you have to take it off, be warned that the thing is a real pain to take off. It snaps on super tight and I ended up with sore fingers by the time I finally got the thing off. It’s certainly nice that the case fits securely but there should be a way to take off the shell without worrying about roughing up your fingers.


The modulR system for the iPad is a neat idea that lets consumers get even more mileage out of their iPad. Whether it be taking your device on the go, setting it up in the kitchen or amusing kids during a long road trip in the car, the modulR gives you plenty of options for using your iPad. Getting the extra accessories can add up, though, so the extra flexibility can come at a price. It also can be difficult to take out so keep that in mind if you plan on swapping between using a hard shell and, say, a protective leather case for your iPad.

Verdict: 3.5 stars

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