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How to Cancel a Frozen App Download on Android


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Fixing a Stuck Download on Android

So you’re chilling out with your beloved Android smartphone one day and decide to download your 100th fart app. Then Murphy’s Law decides to break wind on you and your Android Market hangs all of a sudden.

If you happen to be as unlucky as a certain dashing portable electronics writer who actually does NOT download fart apps, then you might end up with a download that gets stuck or frozen. Making things worse is that the stuck download now refuses to go away, continuing to linger like the gassy ghost of the beans and sweet potatoes your uncle had for lunch.

”No worries,” you say. “I’ll just turn my phone off, turn it back on again, and voila … um, the stuck download is still there.”

Now what?

Read on for the simple trick that worked for me and will hopefully work for you, too.

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