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How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Connection on a BlackBerry PlayBook


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Tap on the "Wi-Fi" Tab
How to Set Up Your Wi-Fi Connection on a BlackBerry PlayBook
Image by Jason Hidalgo

Voila! You’re now in the settings menu. To set up your wireless connection, tap on the “Wi-Fi” tab just below the “About” tab. This will bring up your Wi-Fi Menu.

Obviously, you’ll want that “Wi-Fi Connectivity” slider switched to the “ON” position. You’ll then be given a list of available networks to connect to. Just tap on the network you want and the device will try to connect to it.

Now, if the network is secured with a code, you’ll need to enter said code. For my home router, for example, all I need to do is enter its WEP key, which is a set of numbers usually found under your router.

More tech-savvy folks can connect manually or use the WPS option. But if you need to use those, then you likely already know what you’re doing and don’t need a tutorial to begin with.

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