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How To Take Screenshots on a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet


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Press the ‘Plus’ and ‘Minus’ Buttons at the Top of Your BlackBerry PlayBook
How To Take Screenshots on a BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet
Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Screenshots, screenshots, screenshots.

Ever since I learned about the “Print Screen” function on Windows, I’ve been a big fan of taking screenshots. And if you’re a BlackBerry PlayBook owner, then you’ll be happy to hear that taking screenshots with your RIM tablet is as easy as 1-2-3. Well, 1-2 actually.

That’s because all you need to do to take a screenshot is press the “+” and “-” buttons on the top of your BlackBerry PlayBook at the same time.

Go ahead, don’t be shy. It’s not like your BlackBerry PlayBook is going to bite...

(Note that since I'm on the home screen, I ended up taking a picture of well, the home screen. Apparently, this isn't the greatest idea since I ended up confusing myself because I thought the picture was the actual home screen later on, making me mistakenly think that the PlayBook I was using froze. The lesson as always is, I'm an idiot.)

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