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How to Back Up iPad/Restore iPad from Back Up
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Accidents happen. They especially tend to happen with data that's not backed up.

Fortunately, backing up and restoring an iPad's data is as easy as apple pie (har).

To back up your iPad, all you really need to do is connect your iPad to your computer — more specifically, the computer with iTunes that you normally use with your iPad.

Now launch iTunes. Unless you have your system set up for manual configuration, the iPad will auto sync with iTunes and automatically create a backup. Otherwise, just right click on the iPad icon/category (or hit Control + click) under "Devices" on the left window of iTunes, then click on "Back Up."

Keep in mind that this method backs up your settings but not your apps, music, video and photos. You'll want to back up those files separately to either a different computer or external hard drive so you can sync them with iTunes any time. This especially makes sense if the total size of your files exceed your iPad's available memory.

To restore via a backup, right click on the iPad from the left window of iTunes once again. If you successfully saved a back up from the earlier step, you can click on the option "Restore from Backup."

Keep in mind that restoring from backup is different from what's called a "full restore." The latter erases all your files and restores the iPad to its original factory condition.

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