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iPad Folder Tutorial: How to Create Folders for Apps On Your Apple iPad
More iPad Tips & Tricks

Making an iPad folder is as easy as a simple swipe.

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The Apple iPad's menu screen is neat and all. But if you've downloaded a buttload of apps, then your menu screen likely looks like, well, butt.

Fortunately, the arrival of iOS 4.2 means you can now start sorting your beloved apps into folders. Just don't tell Steve Jobs that it makes his beloved magical device feel like Windows lest you want the El Jobso verbal claws to come out.

Anywho, creating an app folder is pretty easy. Start by doing the same thing you do when you want to move an app — just touch and hold it. Once your app icon starts jiggling like Jell-O, drag it to another app that you want to group it with. Voila! You've got a new folder.

Since Apple always knows what's best for you, it'll set up a recommended name for your folder. Folks who don't want to get with the program and be told what to do, however, can still pick their own name, like "YouAintTheBossOfMe." No, I haven't tried that as a folder name but you're certainly more than welcome to if you wish.

Naturally, you can also create folders via iTunes, but that's for another tutorial. Forgot which folder you've stored an app in? Then make sure to check my tutorial on how to search quickly for one of your apps.

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