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Setting or Changing Your iPad Passcode


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Setting Your iPad Password Options
Setting or Changing Your iPad Passcode

Once you have a password, you can continue to fine tune your settings.

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Once you have an iPad password, you can fine tune your set up via several options that now appear on your right-hand side menu.

The top tab allows you to turn your passcode on and off.

"Change Passcode" allows you to, um, change your password. Yes, I just blew my mind.

"Require Passcode" lets you set how quickly you want the iPad to require a password. More on this in the next page.

"Picture Frame" simply lets you activate or disable the picture frame feature.

"Erase Data" lets you set an automatic erase feature where the iPad erases all your stuff after 10 unsuccessful attempts in a row to enter a password — just in case some unauthorized person tries to use your iPad.

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