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Setting Up an iPad Without a Computer


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How to Set Up a New iPad Without Connecting to iTunes
Setting Up an iPad Without a Computer

You don't need to link that new iPad to a computer if you want to use it right away.

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Another year, another iPad.

When the original iPad was first released, one of my gripes about the device was how it required connecting to a computer in order set it up for use. My rationale was, the tablet should be able to stand on its own and be usable regardless of whether a person had a computer or not. Since then, Apple has rectified the issue, starting with the arrival of the iPad 2. The trend continues with Apple’s 2012 iteration of the slate, the third-generation “new iPad,” which can be set up sans a computer

To be honest, the set up process itself is quite simple, but for folks who just want a bit of guidance or are simply curious about how the process works, here is a step-by-step accounting of the iPad’s computer-free set up process.

The entire process pretty much involves the tablet asking you all sorts of stuff. One is whether or not you want to enable location services -- useful when using apps that require access to the tablet’s GPS function, for example. Regardless of whether you decide to turn it on or not, you can always change your location preference later via the Settings app so there’s no need to stress about it now.

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