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Setting Up an iPad Without a Computer


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Dial Down Your New iPad Settings
Setting Up an iPad Without a Computer

You'll need to pick all sorts of preferences like language and country.

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You will also be asked about what language and country you want to associate with your device. Once again, this is something you can change via the Settings app later if you want (under the General, and then the International tab) so no need to freak out if you pick English instead of, uh, British English, for example.

The next step is where you indicate whether you want to do the set up with or without a computer. Obviously, this tutorial is about setting up your iPad without connecting it to a computer so pick the option to connect to a network. Yes, you need an Internet connection to continue with your setup if you decide to do it without a computer that runs iTunes. Your iPad will then scan for any available networks nearby. If you’re at home, for example, you will want to find your wireless router and connect to that (e.g. 2WIRE, linksys, etc.). In most cases, the router will require a password, which is usually the WEP key printed at the bottom of the router’s base or its back.

Once you’re connected, you’ll be given the choice to either set up a new iPad, restore your apps and settings from an iCloud backup if you’ve set one up for a previous iOS device, or restore via an iTunes backup. Let’s assume you’re starting out fresh and decided to set up the device as a new iPad. You’ll need to sign in with an existing Apple ID or create a new ID if you don’t have one yet.

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