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First Look: Tiger Electronics Massively Mini Media Player


Tiger Electronics Massively Mini Media Player

Tiger Electronics Massively Mini Media Player

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Updated November 08, 2006
Getting your tween (defined typically as a child between 8 and 12 years of age) an iPod might not quite be a financial investment you are ready to make. A number of traditional toy companies have risen to the occasion to meet your child’s desire for a portable entertainment device which is kid friendly and parent approved. One of the newest devices in this kids’ electronics category looks to be the Tiger Electronics Massively Mini Media Player.

The Tiger Massively Mini Media Player measures 1-inch by 2.5-inchs and is ½-inch thick. It has a small color screen and also 128MB of internal flash memory, which is enough to store one hour of video (MPEG, AVI, WMV) , two hours of music (MP3, WMA) or upwards of 1,200 digital photos (JPEG). The Massively Mini Media Player comes in three different colors and comes with earbuds which double as a lanyard, allow a tween to wear the player around their neck.

For getting personal media files over the player, the Massively Mini comes with Windows software which lets your child load his or her favorite videos, music files and digital photos via drag and drop functionality with the computer’s mouse while the player is hooked up via a USB 2.0 connection. The player includes touch-screen controls for selection and control of media files loaded onto it.

Besides also offering the ability to listen to and record FM radio as a built-in function, the Massively Mini Media Player offers a wide variety of free, fun downloads from a special Web site. Thes videos include material from some of the highest-rated TV networks popular with tweens, celebrity video exclusives and quirky videos made just for kids. These videos, which are kid friendly, will be updated at the Web site on a regular basis with new material.

The Massively Mini Media Player, which has a rechargeable battery offering eight hours of music enjoyment or four hours of video, comes with two videos already installed on it. There will also be accessories available for the player including protective cases and an armband holder.

Compare prices and shop for the Tiger Electronics Massively Mini Media Player.

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