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Kids' Gift Guide: Top Electronics for Kids

A List of Cool Electronics for Kids


Gadgets aren't just for grownups. As today's kids get more sophisticated, so does the list of devices made specifically to cater to them. From media players and learning devices to gadgets designed for play, the selection of electronics for children can be quite diverse.

Below is a list of cool electronics devices in no particular order that we've scoured for kids. All of the items in the list have been personally tested by your guide and should provide young ones with plenty of enjoyment.

For older children, make sure to browse our Top Gadget Picks for Kids and Teens. For a list of gadget picks for grownups, check out our Gadget Gift Guide.

The Nintendo DS line

Photo © Nintendo

Nintendo's popular handheld gaming system is about the closest equivalent of a sure thing when it comes to kids' portables. It's certainly no surprise. With a stable of surefire Nintendo franchises such as Mario, Pokemon and Zelda, along with a diverse library of games and non-traditional fare such as brain trainers and even cookbooks, there's a lot to enjoy with Nintendo's portable wonder.

Apple iPod

Image © Apple

Kids love iPods. Lord knows how many Christmas exchange gift celebrations I've been to where some gift-wrapped iteration of Apple's popular music player was met by happy smiles from little ones — and Steve Jobs' wallet.

The question, of course, is which iPod would be best for your kid. For older kids or responsible young ones, the Web and app-friendly iPod Touch is a good bet. Otherwise, stick with something like the cheaper Shuffle or even the Nano for young kids. Don't want your Touch to get dropped and turned into a pricey paperweight after all.

For more about iPods, check out our iPod site.

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Coloud C-22 Retro-Style Marvel Headphones

Nice sound at a budget price, combined with Marvel-themed designs such as Captain America, Iron Man and X-Men make this a nice gift for superhero-loving boys. Alternative styles also include NHL logos, Star Wars and SpongeBob. There's even Hello Kitty for the ladies — or, um guys with unique taste.

LeapFrog Tag Junior

As a kid, I spent many a time reading books at my school’s library. If only my young self knew just how neat books would be now. LeapFrog ’s reading systems basically take the very thing that makes video games so popular for kids — interactivity — and mixes it up with reading. The result is a pretty interesting take on reading and learning that ideally should engage kids more.

Bone Collection USB Drives

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

These aren't purely kids' devices per se. But with their cute designs and compact size, Bone Collection's various USB drives are a nice accessory for kids who need a flash drive to save homework or other files.

Disney Pix Twist 5-Megapixel Digital Camera

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Disney’s Pix Twist 5-Megapixel Princess Petal Digital Camera is a "tweener" device for kids old enough to know what they’re doing but not quite old enough to use a dedicated — and potentially expensive and fragile — point-and-shoot. Features include the ability to twist the device for self portraits plus being able to insert Disney props and stars into your pictures.

Fisher Price Kid Tough Digital Camera

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

A look at the several strategically placed screws all around the device shows that the Kids Tough Camera means business. This thing is built like a bunker, has a nice beefy feel and is quite solid overall.

Speakal iBoo iPod Charging Dock and Speaker

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

The cute iBoo is compatible with iPods both old and new and comes with a remote that lets you control your device when docked. Also comes in other styles, including a plant, soccer ball and pig.

iSkin Silo Slim Laptop Bag

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Tired of the sea of black and grays that normally dot the laptop bag section of retail stores out there? Then you might want to give iSkin’s collection of laptop carriers a look.

The WikiReader

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

This portable encyclopedia puts Wikipedia in the palm of your child's hands, even without an Internet connection. And with more than 3 million Wikipedia entries to browse from, the WikiReader provides plenty of enjoyment for young inquisitive minds.

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