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Samsung K5 First Look


Samsung K5

Samsung K5

Image Photo Credit: ©Samsung
Updated September 08, 2006
Samsung has taken a different tack on MP3 players with the recent introduction of the K5 Digital Audio Player, a flash memory based device which comes in 2GB and 4GB sizes for $209.99 and $259.99 respectively and should be available by mid September. What’s the twist on this player you ask? Try built-in, slide out speakers for starts.

That’s right – the Samsung K5 offers up two small, clear speakers which slide out from underneath the compact MP3 player to deliver what the company describes as “rich, smooth audio”. The player is then able to sit well on any flat surface, providing a portable party experience Samsung style.

Besides the slide out speakers, the K5 makes use of OLED technology in its display to provide a better looking graphical user interface (GUI). This interface offers up blue adaptive graphics which can be read easily and indicate the function you are selecting with the single touch button control. The display is also capable of showing off full color digital JPEG pictures in its 1.7-inch frame and actually rotates from vertical to horizontal view when the slide out speakers are pulled out.

The K5, besides being capable of displaying digital JPEG pictures, plays back audio files of the MP3 and WMA formats. It also supports music downloaded from PlaysForSure online music subscription services like Napster and MTV’s URGE. Depending upon the internal memory storage offered (2GB or 4GB), the K5 can store upwards of 25,000 JPEGs or 1000 MP3 songs.

Other features of the Samsung K5 include an alarm clock with snooze which can go off to one’s choice of music, virtual surround sound, five preset equalizer modes, a built-in FM tuner, an earphone jack, playback time of up to thirty hours via earphones or six hours with the speaker, a rechargeable Li-Poly battery, USB 2.0 support, firmware upgradeable and a black magnesium body (pink will be available later this year).

More information on the Samsung K5 Digital Audio Player, which comes with bass-enhanced earphones, can be found at Samsung’s Web site.

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