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Sony mylo First Look


Sony mylo

Sony mylo

Photo Credit: ©Sony
Updated August 12, 2006
The new Sony mylo may look like a PlayStation Portable, the consumer electronic giant’s portable gaming device, but it is anything but. This new self described personal communicator device is designed to get you online in style and stands for “my life online”, meaning it makes use of wireless Internet connectivity to get you online and instant messaging with your friends.

The mylo is a slim, oblong shaped device which sports a 2.4-inch color LCD screen and a slide out QWERTY keyboard for thumb typing. It is available in black or white colors and has built-in 802.11b wireless technology to connect for free to any public Wi-Fi hotspot (though charges associated with the spot itself may still occur). The device also on-board 1GB of flash memory as well as a Memory Stick Duo card slot for expanded memory storage options.

Internet Features:

As mentioned before, the mylo’s primary focus is instant messaging with friends. To this end, the device comes pre-installed with several instant messaging applications, including Google Talk, Skype and Yahoo! Messenger. These instant messaging clients work in much the same way traditional instant messaging is done on a computer and can support multiple conversations at the same time as well as letting you know whose online when you are. The Skype client, beyond the other two, also allows one to make Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls for free to other registered Skype users.

Aside from instant messaging and Internet telephone calls, the Sony mylo includes an embedded Web browser called Opera so that you can view Web pages on the Internet after connected. This Web browser also makes it possible to send emails to friends through Web-based mail services like Yahoo! Mail and Gmail from Google.

Other Features:

When you tire of Internet activities, Sony designed the mylo to keep you entertained offline as well. This device doubles as a digital audio player, capable of playing MP3, ATRAC and WMA (including music purchased from select online music stores) audio files which you can enjoy through either the built-in speaker or the included headset. This music is stored in the unit’s flash memory or on a Memory Stick Duo card. Sony has included the ability to wirelessly share play lists and audio between two mylo devices which are within range of one another.

Other features of the Sony mylo include the ability to view MPEG-4 video files as well as JPEG digital images; USB 2.0 support for high speed file transfers; rechargeable battery life which offers upwards of 45 hours of music playback, around seven hours of chatting and web surfing and more than three hours of continuous Skype talk time and a built-in text editor.

More information on the Sony mylo, which ships with a microphone, stereo headphones, a USB cable and a neoprene case, can be found at Sony’s Web site.

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