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MP3 Player Manufacturer Links

This page contains links to MP3 player manufacturers.
Recordable media company Memorex maintains a small line of MMP digital audio players.
Consumer electronics company Panasonic sells a line of digital audio players, including several under the Shockwave label.
Oregon Scientific
Electronics company Oregon Scientific sells a small line of digital audio players, some of which are waterproof.
Swim gear maker Finis markets the SwiMP3 waterproof digital audio player.
Sunglass maker Oakley currently markets the Thump digital audio player sunglasses.
Kanguru Solutions
Computer memory products maker Kanguru currently lists the Audio Flash and Micro MP3 Pro digital audio players in its product line.
ThinkCP Technologies
ThinkCP currently sells the Think Headtrip digital audio player headphones.
Auvi is an American based company which produces a small line of digital audio players.
The RCA brand under Thomson produces the Lyra line of digital audio players.
Consumer electronics company Philips currently produces their own branded players as well as ones which are made in conjunction with Nike.
Tao, a brand maintained by Giant International, produces one digital audio player currently.
Consumer electronics giant JVC currently produces one digital audio player.
Electronics company Audiovox maintains a small line of digital audio players amongst their products.
PNY Technologies
PNY Technologies is a maker of flash memory products who also produces the Vibe digital audio player.
MPIO is a Korean manufacturer who produces and markets digital audio players around the world, including here in the United States.
Computer manufacturer Gateway also produces a line of digital audio players currently known as the MP3 Photo Jukebox.
iriver produces a large number of digital audio players including the popular H10 series.
SanDisk, a maker of flash memory cards and related products, also currently produces the Digital Audio Player and Sansa line of digital audio players.
Flash memory card maker Lexar also sells a small line of digial audio players with a LDP designation.
Rio, a long established digital audio player brand currently owned by D&M Holdings, currently produces the Forge and Carbon lines of players.
Archos, known for making portable video players, also has a line of Gmini XS digital audio devices.
Who doesn't know the name of this famous consumer electronics giant? Sony's contribution to the MP3 player world includes its line of Network Walkmen.
Samsung Electronics
Samsung Electronics is a well known consumer electronics company which makes the YEPP (YP) line of MP3 players.
Cowon is headquartered in Korea but also operates an American division. They produce the iAudio series of MP3 players.
Apple's contribution to the MP3 player world is the iPod, which currently resides as the most popular device of its type in the market.
Creative Technology
Creative's two main lines of MP3 players at the moment are their Zen (i.e. Micro, Touch, Nano) and MuVo (i.e. Micro, Slim, TX) devices.
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