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MP3 players like the iPod allow you to roam the world with your favorite tunes in your pocket. With our buying guides, product reviews, hand-picked links and more, we'll help you choose the best player for your needs.
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Review: MiCorder Lets You Record Music From Almost Any Source
MiCorder lets you record from any analog or digital source with a headphone jack, including cassete, vinyl, CD and MP3 players.

Review: The Sansa Clip+ (Plus)
A review of the Sansa Clip+ MP3 player.

The Battle of Two MP3 Player Titans: Microsoft vs. Apple
Apple dominates the MP3 player market with the iPod. Microsoft is challenging with the Zune while at the same time continuing PlaysForSure. What the heck is all of this? Check out this quick introduction to what to expect as two giant computer companies battle it out for the portable media player crown.

Apple iPod, Microsoft Zune Photo Gallery
The Apple iPod and Microsoft Zune are getting ready to square off in a battle of the MP3 players. What do these newest devices look like? Check out these iPod and Zune photos for more details.

MP3 Players at CES 2006
The 2006 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas revealed new MP3 players from manufacturers like Panasonic and Samsung. For more details on MP3 players coming your way in 2006, check out this article.

What is Today's Must-Have Gadget? -- Poll
Tell us which gadget is the hottest right now. Register your opinion in our poll.

Getting Podcasts Through blinkx.tv
In the world of online audio, podcasts are one of the hot trends right now. They bring someone's spoken word on a variety of topics ranging from religion to technology to your computer or MP3 player. Companies like blinkx.tv are coming up with unique ways to help you find the best podcast for your needs. For more, check out my interview with one of the co-founders.

How to Copy Music from CDs Using Real Player 10
Real Player 10 is one of the leading music management software applications. You can use Real Player 10 to copy (rip) CDs and convert them to MP3s which you save on your hard drive. To learn how to copy (rip) music CDs using this program, read my step by step how to tutorial.

Health and Fitness MP3 Style: Interview with iAmplify's Murray Hidary
iAmplify is a company who has the goal of teaming with leading health and wellness experts to create downloadable MP3 files containing exercise and relaxtion routines. These files can then be taken to the gym on an iPod or other MP3 player so one can get a guided workout. To learn more about iAmplify's health and fitness MP3s, read my interview with co-founder Murray Hidary.

MP3 Players at CES 2005
If there is one thing which was clearly evident at CES 2005 this year, it was the rapid growth of MP3 players. Less expensive hard drives and flash memory chips, new features and more consumers buying combined to make this one of the most interesting years yet for new MP3 player announcements. Read more in this article to find out about new MP3 players for 2005.

MP3 Player and iPod Accessories at CES 2005
iPod and MP3 player accessories were a hot ticket this year at CES. Radio transmitters, remote controls, movie players, in car docking systems and more were announced to make your iPod and MP3 player more fun and useful. Read on to learn more about the latest in iPod and MP3 player accessories for 2005.

How To Rip CDs Using Windows Media Player 10
Ripping, also known as copying, music CDs to your computer is the primary way to get your music onto your hard drive. Windows Media Player 10 is one of a handful of software programs you can use to copy your CDs and make them MP3s. For a step by step tutorial on how to copy your CDs using Windows Media Player 10, check out this article.

Online Audio Services for MP3 Players
While most people use MP3 players for music, a growing number are using online services like Audible and Audiofeast to download compelling spoken content. Companies like the New York Times, NPR and Time Warner are making audiobooks, daily news updates, original programming and more available for a fee. Read on for the top services, tips and know how to get the spoken word to go.

About's Digital Audio Players Buying Guide
What features should you consider when looking for a digital audio player? Check out our own About Digital Audio Players Buying Guide to help you find the answers.

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