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CES 2005 MP3 Player (iPod) Accessory Announcements


Nyko iTop

Nyko iTop

In the world of MP3 players and iPods particularly, accessories which make using your player a little easier and fun have become a huge market. Devices which allow you to seamlessly hook your player up to your car’s stereo system, boost the volume, control your player remotely and add extra battery time are just a few of the types available. Announcements at CES 2005 focused especially on new accessories for the iPod, given this player’s dominating market share. Read on for news on some of the best accessories coming your way this year.

Pioneer Electronics, well known for their work in after market mobile electronics for cars, showed off their new CD-IB100 iPod adapter which will allow drivers to directly play their devices through car stereos. The CD-IB100, priced at $140, will hit store shelves in March.

The CD-IB100 will work with the IP-Bus system found in Pioneer car stereos to provide direct control of an iPod. Drivers will be able to operate the iPod using the stereo’s controls, while at the same time being able to view artist, album and song names (up to eight characters) on the stereo’s display. Additional information will be scrollable.

Pioneer also said the CD-IB100 will serve as a charger for the iPod’s battery while the two devices are connected.

UpBeat Audio:
UpBeat Audio, who has already seen some success with their Boostaroo portable audio amplifier and splitter, showed off the next generation of their technology: the Revolution. The Revolution, priced at just under $80, is a pocket sized device like its predecessor, described by UpBeat Audio as around the size of a disposable lighter.

The Revolution reportedly brings high, definition 3-channel surround sound quality audio to headphones (especially those which are higher end). The device is plugged in between the audio device (i.e. MP3 player or portable DVD player) and the headphones themselves. It features two standard mini-jack ports, so two listeners can plug in their headphones and share in the audio experience together without a drop in volume.

It also comes with two different patch cords and can run for up to 20 hours on a set of batteries.

Nyko Technologies, up to this point, has focused more of their accessories line in the video gaming world. At CES 2005, they came out in full force with a line of iPod attachments which look to offer great promise across a range of features.

One of the most interesting offerings from Nyko is their MoviePlayer for the iPod. This device, currently scheduled to hit store shelves sometime in the spring, will allow iPod owners to transfer, play and store movies and photos.

The MoviePlayer sports a backlit 3.5 inch color screen with built in speakers and playback controls. It attaches to the iPod via the dock connector. Software included with the MoviePlayer will convert movies, videos and photos into a format which can be played on the device. It will also have a built in battery which adds up to three hours of additional playtime to the iPod.

Another interesting offering from Nyko is the iTop button relocator. This device is essentially a slim adaptor which attaches to the top of the iPod and makes it easier to control the player by relocating the basic controls (play, fast forward, rewind and volume) from the face to the top. Each button has a distinct feel, so users won’t have remove their iPods from a bag to fiddle with the controls.

Other Nyko iPod accessories due in 2005 include the Charger Case, a portable device which provides three recharges to the iPod’s battery before needing recharging itself and iBoost, an attachable unit which will provide up to 16 hours of extra playtime and can be recharged at the same time as the iPod while attached to a dock connector or AC adapter.

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