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Health and Fitness MP3 Style: Interview with iAmplify's Murray Hidary




Have you ever had that itch to hit the gym but lack the motivation because you’re not sure what exactly to do once you are there? A company named iAmplify thinks they have a portable solution that will get you on the road to a better body, mind and spirit.

iAmplify’s online service offers downloadable MP3s across a variety of fitness and wellness categories which have been created by top notch trainers and other experts. You can download these affordable files, whose lengths can run for up to an hour, either individually or through a monthly subscription. They can then be listened to on your computer, an iPod or other MP3 player or through a portable CD player after burning the file to a disc.

I recently had the chance to conduct a short interview with iAmplify co-founder Murray Hidary about his company and how to use their service:

What exactly does iAmplify do?
iAmplify is a new platform for authors and experts of all different kinds to self publish multimedia content which can be accessed by consumers and others.

What’s available to the consumer right now?
The focus first is on premium and leading content in a few different categories. We started with fitness and health content, including nutrition, yoga, Pilates and weight loss programs. We also have mediation and massage. All of these types of programs have hands on instruction. It’s like having a portable trainer with you at all times.

What are the qualifications of the people who offer programming on iAmplify?
We are focused on delivering content from premier artists and instructors. All the folks we have are the tops in their fields. They include expert celebrity trainers from New and Los Angeles who train the stars.

(Guide Note: Specific experts include Chris Bohlin, a leading New York strength and cardiovascular health trainer who has appeared on local television, Ellen Barrett, a Pilates instructor who was voted “Best Instructor of the Year” by Self Magazine and has many best-selling exercise videos, Michelle Ebbin, a Los Angeles based massage therapist who has written books and created videos on her techniques, Marianne Williamson, a New York Times best selling author who promotes mediation and personal growth and Matthew Reyes, a Maha Yoga instructor who teaches celebrities and others in the Los Angeles area.)

How does one access iAmplify’s offerings?
You go to our website and start browsing through the listings by category. That is the main way. You can also access the offerings through some of our experts' websites.

How do the fitness and other offerings work in regards to purchases and updates?
Users can buy the program in one of two ways. They can either purchase individual downloads ones at a time [starting at $1.99 for shorter workouts] or subscribe to a specific trainer [average around $11.99 a month]. In the latter case, a program gets sent to them every week which builds on the one before.

How does one transfer the fitness and other programming from the online service to their computers?
The MP3 files are transferred through a click on the download icon next to the title. It is downloaded to your desktop and you can play it in any audio management software that plays MP3s.

For subscriptions, we have an email that goes out when a new download is available. There is a link within that email that you click on, followed by a login into your profile page where you can get the download. On that page you can also access other supporting materials which would include text instructions as well as photographs that are relevant to the exercises you are doing. A lot of people print out the companion chart so they can have the photos to see while being instructed by the audio program.

How can one take the fitness programs with them on the go?
Two ways…one is to download and transfer the file to an iPod other MP3 player just like you would with a song. The other way is to burn it onto a CD and play that through a CD player.

What is “podcasting” and how does it relate to what iAmplify has to offer?
Podcasting will soon be part of the iAmpily experience. It enables the listeners to get content they subscribe to automatically downloaded to their computer [through a podcast download program] without the extra click you would do through an email.

What are your future plans?
As we build out the platform, we will be creating new categories and new programs in education and entertainment.

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