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Creative MuVo Slim Review


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Creative MuVo Slim MP3 Player
It’s sleek and sexy in a credit card sized sound package. The Creative MuVo Slim 256MB MP3 player is a flash memory model which is the thinnest (we’re talking .3 inches in thickness, or about six stacked credit cards) digital audio player on the block. Targeted towards the business set and those who want something hip to carry their tunes in, the Slim definitely has the look. How does it sound however? Can the music match the view, or is this player just pretty eye candy? Read on to find out.


  • Sleek look
  • Very small
  • Quality sound
  • Headphones not most comfortable
  • Needs USB cable for charging
  • Okaying choices on menu exits back without other navigation choices

How It Looks:

Having the MuVo Slim in your pocket is like carrying a picture of someone you lust after. It has that nice of a look when you hold it in your hand. The face side is silver and black, with the three line, blue backlit LCD screen immediately noticeable. A small microphone hole exists as well. Along the top are three operations buttons for volume, power and play, and a scroll dial which navigates the music selections and menu options. Two small interfaces on the left side, for USB and headphones, finish up the picture.

Size wise, this device definitely lives up to the slim title. About the size of a credit card, it’s 2.2 x 3.3 x 0.3 and weighs a mere 1.6 ounces. Don’t let the small dimensions fool you though – the Slim feels solid and well constructed. It grips very easily in the palm of your hand, even when it’s wrapped in its stylish black carrying case with see thru inner pocket, exterior protector with magnetic holder and side slot to allow cables to be connected to the player.

Besides the case, other included accessories are: Creative’s MediaSource software for ripping CDs and organizing your Slim, ear bud headphones and a combination USB/charging cable.

What It Can Do:

Like other tiny MP3 players, the Slim is packed with a decent punch. Its 256 MB of flash memory can hold up to 4 hours of MP3 of 8 hours of WMA files, depending upon the compression size. While this is good enough for about a day or so, a lack of expansion options may make those wanting a wider variety of music look elsewhere.

Powering the Slim is a rechargeable, removable Li-Ion battery which can run for up to 17 hours. Recharging is done through the included USB cable, which also handles file transfers, by connecting it to your computer’s USB slot. This may be great for most people, but including a power adapter for those who prefer the option would have been even better.

Those desiring an FM radio for times when the MP3s get boring will be in luck as the Slim has one built in, with 32 presets and auto scan. A nice touch is also the FM recording feature, which allows you to grab your favorite tunes off the airwaves and save them.

Speaking of recording, the Slim offers a built in voice recorder, which records decent mono voice files. These can also be stored on the Slim, which can act as a removable storage device, either on the go or hooked up to your computer. Accessing your files is a simple act of menu navigation through the LCD or drag and drop when in Windows.

Another feature to note is the custom five band equalizer and four preset equalization options to further enhance the listening experience.

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