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Portable Electronics News & Tips

Breaking news, opinions and shopping tips about the latest in portable electronics.
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iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials
Quick and easy tips, tricks and tutorials for the Apple iPad.

How To Copy Music from CDs Using Windows Media Player
A step-by-step tutorial/lesson on how to rip or copy music/tunes from a CD by using Windows Media Player.

What is E Ink?
An explanation on how E Ink works.

Holiday Shopping Tips: 7 Ways to Avoid Online Auction Fraud
7 tips to avoid auction fraud and scams when shopping online.

The 5 Best Portable Devices for a Long Plane Flight
Life is good when you're down on the ground and have access to all the wonderful things that keep you entertained. Life isn't exactly peachy, however, when you're stuck in coach during a 10-hour flight to Tokyo. Fortunately, portable electronics offer a way to keep you occupied without occupying too much space. Here are five portable devices to consider bringing with you on an extended pl…

Sony 2005 Portable Electronics Lineup
Sony last week unveiled thier new 2005 lineup of consumer electronics in Las Vegas. MP3 players, MiniDisc players and portable CD players were among the new Sony products on display. Read this article for more information on these hot upcoming products.

Microsoft PlaysForSure Primer
Microsoft has rolled out a new program, PlaysForSure, to get MP3 player manufacturers and other digital entertainment devices to play nice with online music and video stores which support Windows Media Player 10. Read more about PlaysForSure here and how it can help take the confusion out of your next MP3 player purchase.

Interview with SCOTTeVEST Founder Scott Jordan
Scott Jordan, founder of SCOTTeVEST, is a man who loves his gadgets so much he created a line of clothing so you can carry your toys with you wherever you go. Read this interview with him by Andru Edwards, founder of Gear Live.

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