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How To Copy Music from CDs Using Windows Media Player


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Step 5: Let 'Er Rip, Manual Album & Track Editing
How To Copy Music from CDs Using Windows Media Player

Editing album and track info manually in Windows Media Player.

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Once you're done ripping, you'll see the message "Ripped to library" next to each song. From here, you can start using Windows Media Player to move your songs to a compatible portable music player or burn the tunes to a CD.

If you somehow skipped the option to to let Windows Media Player automatically find album info online, you can still do so after ripping by right-clicking on the CD icon and bringing up a submenu that includes "Find Album Info" as an option.

You can also still update the album and track info manually in Windows Media Player by right clicking on each individual piece of info you want to edit (e.g. Unknown Album, Unknown Artist, Track 1, etc.).

Otherwise, you can also go into your music folder or wherever you saved your tunes and edit each file manually. Depending on your portable music or media player, you can also drag tunes from your destination folder and into your player to copy them over.

Well, that's it. Now you know how to rip CD's with Windows Media Player. As always, please feel free to e-mail your guide for other tutorial suggestions related to portable electronics. Happy ripping.

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