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How to Copy, Cut and Paste Text and Images on an iPad
iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

The iPad features handle bars for highlighting more than one word.

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Remember when Apple used to get grief for the lack of copy and paste? These days, copying and pasting is a regular feature on Apple's touch interfaces, which includes the iPad.

The key is pretty much the same as the cursor placement tutorial, which relies on the mini-magnifying glass. Just touch a word and hold it until the magnifying glass comes out. Let go and the word will be highlighted plus also have two pull bars on both ends. You can then simply tap the "Copy" bubble that comes out or drag the handles to highlight more words.

Once you've made your selection, double tap on a search box to make the "paste" command appear. For something like the Notes app, tap once on the location you want to paste onto and the keyboard will come out. Now touch and hold on the cursor and the "Paste" icon comes out (doing this without the keyboard out just brings up the "Select" and "Select All" command.

As mentioned in the Wallpaper tutorial, the tap and hold gesture also lets you copy (or save) photos.

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