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iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials


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How to Download Apps with the iPad
iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

Tapping on the gray button in an app box allows you to download the application from the Apple App Store.

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Click on the App Store app from your iPad home screen or desktop. Look below and you'll see options for:

  • Featured: A list of "New and Noteworthy" apps.
  • Top Charts: A list of the most popular apps, which is divided into Top Paid Apps, Top Free Apps (broke teens and college students rejoice!), and Top Grossing Apps. Tap on "Show More" to see more options.
  • Categories: A list of Apps divided into categories such as News, Entertainment and Games.
  • Updates: Checks if any app you've downloaded has an update.

    Since everyone loves free stuff, I'll pick a free app, NPR for iPad, as an example. To immediately download it, just touch the button that says "FREE" and it'll turn into a green button that says "INSTALL APP" (for apps that aren't free, the same button will have a price instead). To see more details about the app, just click on the box for the app to go to a different screen. If there are any reader reviews, you can view them by scrolling down once you get to the details page. You can also download from here by tapping on the "FREE" (or price) button on the upper left.

    For paid apps, you can use the same account you pay with in iTunes. Otherwise, you can scroll down to the bottom of the main App Store page and click on the Account button and enter your credit card info.

    Once you start downloading, you will be taken back to the iPad desktop and you'll see an icon of your chosen app with a progress bar below. Wait for it to finish and that's it!

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