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iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials


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How to Move or Delete iPad Apps
iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

To move or delete an app on the iPad, press and hold an app icon until an "X" appears on all apps and they start to jiggle. Simply swipe and hold to move an app or tap "X" to delete it.

This is so easy, even a caveman can do it — no offense to cavemen and cavewomen everywhere of course.

Just pick any app on your desktop or home screen, then channel your inner obsessed lover by touching it without letting go. You'll eventually see your app icons jiggle with a new "X" mark.

To move an app, just drag it (don't hit the "X" though) to the the spot you want it to be. For folks with more than one page or screen of apps, dragging the app icon past the screen will take you to the next page. Surrounding apps will automatically move around if you drag an app in between them.

To erase or delete an app, tap on the "X" button to exile it from your iPad. You'll get a message asking you if you really want to delete the app.

Once you're done, simply press the Home button on the lower part of your iPad's screen.

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