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How to Change iPad Wallpaper and Grab or Save Images from the Web
iTips: Apple iPad Quick Tips, Tricks & Tutorials

Changing the wallpaper or background of the iPad is quick and easy.

Image by Jason Hidalgo

Wearing the same clothes gets boring after a while. Same thing goes for your iPad wallpaper.

Fortunately, changing the background of your iPad is pretty darn easy. You can even grab images from the Web to use as wallpapers with a simple push of the touchscreen.

First, let's go over changing your wallpaper. From your iPad Home screen or desktop, look for the "Settings" icon and touch it. You'll see a list of options on the left side. Obviously, the one you want is the third one down, "Brightness & Wallpaper." Touch that and you'll bring up a "Wallpaper" box showing your "Home Screen" on the left and your "Lock Screen" on the right. Click on that box and you'll bring up a list of images to choose from. "Wallpaper" has pre-installed images. If you synced any image folders from iTunes, they will show up as their own categories here as well.

If you download any images via an app like Backgrounds HD, you will find those in a category called "Saved Photos." Incidentally, this is also where photos you grab from the Internet will show up as well.

How do you grab photos from the Web? Well, once you find a photo you like while browsing via Safari on your iPad, just touch and hold it until a menu for "Save Image" and "Copy" comes out. Pick "Save Image" and the photo will be saved in your "Saved Photos" location. It's seriously that easy. (Just make sure to choose a photo that's big enough to look good on the iPad's larger screen.)

Once you've decided on an image you like, tap on it and you'll bring up a preview of the photo and three options. "Set Lock Screen" is the image that will show up when your system "locks" after a certain amount of inactivity. "Set Home Screen" is your main wallpaper. "Set Both" uses the image as both your Lock Screen and Home Screen wallpaper.

Just to be certain we're clear, make sure you pick photos via the "Brightness & Wallpaper" menu under "Settings" and not the "Photos" app on the Home Screen.

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