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Top 8 Portable Electronics Gifts for Dad


Has your dad ever dropped some hints on what he might want? Think you can read him on items like ties? A fancy shirt? Cufflinks? Forget all that - he wants gadgets! Little tiny ones which let him listen to his favorite tunes or watch videos. MP3 players, portable DVD players and more are the things fathers will go crazy for. Check out my recommendations below for the best electronic toys to make your father a grinning fool.

1. Apple iPod 5G (Video)

It’s the hot gadget of the moment and the one which dominates portable electronics headlines. The fifth generation iPod, if your Dad doesn’t already have one, will definitely be in the back of his mind. It can play all of his favorite music, let him purchase and download videos of his favorite TV shows and let him carry around thousands of his more precious digital photos. It comes in stylish black and white colors, has two different size hard drives and an easy to navigate on-screen interface.
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2. Apple iPod nano

If your Dad likes most of the iPod 5G’s features but wants something slimmer to slip into his pocket, consider the iPod nano – a great companion for the gym. This tiny titan can play up to 14 hours of music on a single battery charge, comes in black and white colors and offers three storage sizes to hold up to 1,000 songs as well as thousands of digital images. It has a click wheel like its big sibling for easy on-screen navigation and song selection and weighs a mere 1.5 ounces.
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3. Creative Zen Vision:M

If an Apple iPod is not in your Dad’s sights but he still wants a cool portable media player, the Creative Zen Vision:M might be his thing. This portable pockethouse, like the iPod 5G, can play music and videos as well as allowing Dad the ability to view his favorite digital images. The Zen Vision:M comes in five color choices and can store up to 15,000 songs or 120 hours of video. It offers a vertical touch pad for on-screen navigation and song selection and gets up to 14 hours of battery life.
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4. Digital Lifestyle Outfitters HomeDock Deluxe

If Dad ends up with an iPod 5G, there maybe times where he wants to enjoy his videos or digital images on the big screen. The HomeDock Deluxe will allow him to do that easily. This recharging docking station not only refuels the iPod’s battery but also outputs the MP3 player’s audio and video to a television via an A/V cable which connects to the dock. A remote is included so Dad doesn’t have to get up from his comfy chair and an on the big screen menu helps him to navigate his iPod’s offerings.
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5. Klipsch iGroove

Another iPod accessory to consider is the Klipsch iGroove. This speaker system can recharge dockable iPods while putting out quality sound via dual 2.5-inch woofers and dual 1-inch tweeters formed into the speaker baffle. What this audio jargon translates into is a rich sound which makes this one of the best iPod speaker systems out there. The iGroove also comes with a remote for across the room wireless operation. Other MP3 players which have a standard mini-jack can also use the iGroove.
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6. Panasonic DVD-LS90

If Dad insists on wanting to take his DVD with him on the next family trip, this Panasonic portable DVD player might be a good buy for him. The stylish DVD-LS90 sports a nice looking 9-inch widescreen LCD which can pivot to provide better viewing angles. It can get up to six hours of playtime on its rechargeable battery; has optical digital output, dual speakers and headphone jacks; and plays a variety of DVD and CD formats including DVD-RAM/-R/-RW, DVD+R/+RW, MP3 CDs and CD-R/RW discs.
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7. Pioneer Inno

Does Dad want the next hot thing? If so, he might like the Pioneer Inno. A next generation portable satellite player, the Inno lets user enjoys live XM Satellite Radio while on the go. For those times when live can’t be heard, it can playback up to 50 hours of one touch recorded XM shows or MP3 and WMA music files stored in its memory. Playlists can be created hich mix XM and MP3 music and when a live XM song is heard which Dad wants to purchase, he can bookmark it for later online purchasing.
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8. Shure E4c

For the pure audiophile Dads out there professional grade earphone maker Shure has the E4C sound isolating, in-ear earphones. Dad will have near sound nirvana as he enjoys incredible audio reproduction. The E4Cs, besides having quality sound drivers which deliver strong highs and great bass, come with a personal fit kit designed to help contour the earphones to the inside of one’s ear for a more secure fit. They are colored in white or black so that they can match one’s iPod if so paired.
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