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Buying Guides - The Most Important Features to Consider


When you enter a consumer electronics store or browse the virtual aisles of your favorite online retailer, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available for purchase. It is really helpful to consider what exactly you'll want out of a product before you give over your credit card information for that potentially expensive purchase. Enter the buying guides to help you narrow down the most important features.
  1. Gift Guides and Gadget Lists
  2. Buying Guides by Product Category
  3. Other Buying Guides to Consider

Gift Guides and Gadget Lists

It's better to give than to receive. But figuring out what to give can sometimes be tougher than giving the gift itself. Here's a selection of gift guides we've pulled together for different electronics devices. From portable DVD players and portable chargers to eBook readers and slate tablets such as the iPad, this list should give you more than enough ideas for portable gadgets that are worthy of gift-giving consideration.

Buying Guides by Product Category

Buying guides are designed to help you evaluate the major features across a given category of portable electronics and get you thinking about what is most important to you. Looking at the boxes of products or listings of features on an online description don't really tell you what is most important to consider. Should a portable DVD player have a long battery life? What is the best size screen for a portable media player? These are only a few of the questions a good buying guide will help you answer.

Other Buying Guides to Consider

Buying guides abound on About.com. What has been gathered below is but a small sampling of the variety of solid advice you can get as you search around for tips on features to consider for consumer electronics.

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