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Crowd Mentality: Face Watch, Jorno and Humble Ebook Bundle


Crowd Mentality: Face Watch, Jorno and Humble Ebook Bundle

The Face Watch.

Oct. 17, 2012 — Welcome to our inaugural Crowd Mentality feature, a new segment that will delve into all things crowd related. See, after investing some serious coin in all sorts of Kickstarter projects as well as a few name-your-own-price deals via Humble Bundle in the last year, I figured, “What would be better than dragging other folks into my crowd mentality-fueled addiction?” Wait, did I say that out loud? I actually meant that I wanted to inform you, my beloved readers, about some potentially interesting crowd-related stuff out there. Yeah, that’s it. So without further ado, here are some projects and offerings of note in the good, old Internet crowd space.

Face Watch

I’ve reviewed all sorts of clocks on this site such as the Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock, Ambient Flurry and even the iHome ID50. Interestingly, I don’t ever remember reviewing an actual watch. That may seem strange for a portable electronics site but let’s be honest, the advent of smartphones have reduced watches to fashion accessories. Which brings us to the Face Watch. This fashionable timepiece has actually doubled its goal at crowdfunding site indiegogo as of this writing but I’m featuring it here because buying one of these watches actually supports a good cause. They range from breast cancer research and awareness, supplying water to poor communities and providing food to hungry children. In fact, the cause you support determines what color watch you get. It’s capitalism without the guilt, baby.

Deadline: Nov. 19


Touchscreens are great and all but I’m one of those dudes who still type better when using a physical keyboard. In fact, I’ve recently reviewed a couple of portable keyboards in these pages: the Belkin YourType Folio and the Verbatim Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard.

Now we’ve got another keyboard aimed at folks who value portability, the Jorno. This pocketable keyboard is even more compact than the Verbatim keyboard mentioned above once folded into itself. At the same time, it’s rigid enough when unfolded so you can use it to type on your lap. The way the Jorno folds several times into a nice compact square is also sure to titillate fans of Laserbeak, Ravage and Rumble of Transformers fame. Is that kind of nostalgia reason enough to buy a portable keyboard? Not really. Will some folks still get it for that reason anyway? Most likely, yes. Seriously. Interested folks may want to get in their pledge chop-chop as this project is still $20,000 short of its Kickstarter goal as of this writing.

Deadline: Oct. 17

The Humble eBook Bundle

Lord knows how many PC games I’ve gotten for a great price thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle. The fact that it allowed me to support the developers as well as charity was also a nice bonus that made me feel better about purchasing a bazillion games that would further suck my already limited time.

”But, Jason,” you ask. “What if I want more culture and sophistication with my humbly bundled merchandise?”

Fear not, oh, intellectual savior of the unwashed masses. This time around, the site is offering The Humble eBook Bundle, which includes six sci-fi and fantasy titles such as Pirate Cinema, Pump Six and Zoo City. Pay more than the average pledge and you also get Old Man’s War and Neil Gaiman’s and Dave McKean’s Signal to Noise. You’re welcome.

Deadline: Oct. 23

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