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Product Preview: Digital Foci Photo Book

A digital photo viewer with a warm and fuzzy feeling


Digital Foci Photo Book

Digital Foci Photo Book

Digital Foci
Updated February 17, 2009
A problem some have with the look and feel of portable digital image viewers is that, as cold metal devices, they don't capture the warmth of the images they are displaying. Some hope instead a digital photo viewer could look a little more like photo albums of old. Digital Foci is trying to capture at least part of that sentiment in a new “digital photo album.”

The Digital Foci Photo Book is a portable digital album with an eight-inch, 800 x 600 LCD display set in a soft leather-like case. This case, described as a portable album, doesn't completely address the desires of a more traditional photo album in digital form, but its design is better suited for passing around while sitting in a living room or during a business presentation.


The Photo Book offers up 4GB of internal memory, which is enough to hold thousands of digital photos. These photos can be loaded either directly from a USB flash drive via the USB host capability or from built-in memory card slots which offer support for the CF, SD, SDHC, MMC, xD-Picture Card, Memory Stick, and MSPRO memory card formats.

One can view on the Photo Album RAW images from a wide selection of DSLRs, in addition to JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIF image formats. These photos can be organized on the device into different collections and can also be zoomed, panned, and rotated as they are displayed to others.

Photos, besides been shown in collections, are organized by default on the Photo Book as folders, showing its folder name and a preview image of the first photo in the folder when accessed. A thumbnail view option exists, as does running a full screen photo slideshow with adjustable time intervals. One can even operate a virtual page-turning effect on-screen if desired.

Other features of the Digital Foci Photo Album include a battery life of around 2.5 hours, manual photo scrolling and support for audio and video file playback. This device will be available in May 2009 for around $190.

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