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iPad Early Details

Given all the buzz that built up even before its launch, there's one question a lot of folks likely have about the iPad: availability.

Curiosity about iPad availability makes even more sense after a ChangeWave survey found that demand for the iPad prior to its release exceeded even that of the first iPhone, according to MacRumors.com. Based on the survey, 13 percent of respondents were either somewhat or very likely to buy an iPad compared to only 9 percent for the iPhone at a similar point prior to its launch. Interestingly, pre-launch demand was highest for the cheapest and most expensive versions of the iPad. Here's a breakdown of demand by price and model:

  • 16GB WiFi, $499: 19 percent
  • 32GB WiFi, $599: 12 percent
  • 64GB WiFi, $699: 8 percent
  • 16GB WiFi+3G, $629: 9 percent
  • 32GB WiFi+3G, $729: 10 percent
  • 64GB WiFi+3G, $829: 19 percent

Not sure why that only adds up to 77 percent but those were the numbers provided.

Apple Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook also touched on iPad availability prior to launch at the Goldman Sachs annual tech conference held in San Francisco on Feb. 23, 2010. According to Computerworld, Cook said the device will be available through Apple's online and retail stores plus other outlets such as Best Buy and premium resellers overseas. Apple also plans to expand iPad availability to other retail outlets in the future.

Speaking of iPad availability, analysts were more than happy to offer their two cents on iPad sales for its first year. AppleInsider compiled a nice list of predictions from various analysts, which ranged from 1 million units to 5 million units. This includes estimates based on supply chain checks, with Shaw Wu of Kaufman Bros. forecasting that Apple will build 5 million units in the iPad's first year and 10 million in its second year.

The iPad is currently slated for a late March release for the Wi-Fi versions and an April release for the Wi-Fi+3G versions. Expect this page to be updated as more news about Apple iPad availability and pricing comes out, including and shortages and price cuts in the future. For more Apple iPad news, views and images, check out our Apple iPad Central section.

You can also check official pricing at the Apple Store or compare iPad prices at Pricegrabber.

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