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First Look of ECTACO jetBook


ECTACO jetBook

ECTACO jetBook

Updated March 28, 2008
One particular category of portable electronics which doesn't see too many new products come along is ebook readers. For many people the feel of a paperback in the hand, pages turned and all, is an experience one does not want to surrender. For others, however, ebook readers represent freedom to carry around many books with you at once so that long trips don't require more carried weight and random stops at bookstores because you ran out of reading material.

The latest ebook reader to be released for public consumption is the ECTACO jetBook. ECTACO is known primarily for electronic handheld dictionaries. The jetBook reader incorporates some of that type of functionality, but also offers up a lot more. It will cost you around $350.


The ECTACO jetBook is a palm-sized device which sports a five-inch grayscale style screen. It, unlike comparable products from the likes of Sony and Amazon, primarily is designed to let you read only ebooks you can download for free from various online locations. This may mean, for some, you can't read the latest and greatest, but ECTACO says it has found 30 Web sites it can provide you information on which host thousands of ebooks in TXT and PDF formats.

You'll also find the jetBook reader is capable of playing MP3 audio, which makes it not only useful for playing music but also for playing free audiobooks. ECTACO again says it can provide information on online locations where you can find these type of downloads. As for memory storage for the TXT, PDF and MP3 files, the jetBook has enough internal memory to hold up to 1,000 ebooks. This memory can be expanded via a SD memory card so that it can host up to 10,000 books or similar media files.

The jetBook is also capable of displaying JPEG images though, with a greyscale screen, you'll find color photos don't work well with it. ECTACO makes up for this by offering some other interesting features. You get a wide viewing angle (up to 180 degrees), searchable on-screen text which can be bookmarked for later easy access, several multi-language dictionaries which you can reference and an adjustable font type and size on-screen for easier reading.

The jetBook, which weighs 7.5 ounces, can let you read up to 11,500 pages on its rechargeable battery. It comes with several accessories, including a USB cable and case.

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