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Review: Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock

Voice-Controlled Alarm Clock is Portable and Affordable

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Review: Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock

The Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock.

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

The Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock aims to simplify waking up on the road by providing a portable clock that's easy to operate. And like other Moshi clocks, this particular device has one neat feature thrown in: voice control.

So does the voice control feature just sound good in theory or does it actually work? Read on for the complete lowdown.


Easy-to-use: The Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock is very easy to use, largely because of its voice-control feature. Simply push the "IVR" or voice-recognition button and you can start issuing commands via short phrases such as "set time" or "set alarm." Setting the time — whether it be the actual time or the alarm time — is basically as easy as saying what time it is, like "9:45 a.m." or "3:30 p.m." The voice recognition system is also able to accurately recognize times given to it verbally. Otherwise, you also have the option of setting the time manually.

Very portable: The Moshi Travel Alarm Clock comes in a handy, portable size that's easy to pack. It fits easily inside an open hand. It also has a key lock button in case you want to bring it with you with the time already set up and don't want to take out the batteries.

Affordable: At $24.99, the only alarm you'll get from this device will be the one that wakes you up, not the hit on your wallet.

Nice design: Although Moshi's Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock is cheap, it doesn't look like it is. The device is well-designed and also offers an assortment of colors such as white, blue, pink and black.

Temperature and tone: One extra feature offered by Moshi's Travel Clock is the ability to tell temperature. This feature is limited to a room's internal temperature. The device can't tell the temperature outside. Another neat feature is the ability to change the alarm "bell" sound. Besides your normal jarring alarm, you can also pick a more soothing bell to make your waking hours less annoying.


Moshi's Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock easily fits in your hand.

Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Limited extra features: Although simplicity is one of the Moshi Travel Clock's strong points, it also means that people looking for extra bells and whistles such as a radio or WiFi connectivity will have to look elsewhere.

Some voice control issues: While the voice control feature works well for setting the time while you're holding the clock, using it to turn off the alarm when it's some distance away has mixed results. For one, you have to issue your verbal command in between alarm bells. You also have to raise your voice, which you may not exactly be in the mood for when you're groggy or if you have other people in the room. Personally, I prefer just hitting the "on/off" button.

Button placing: Speaking of the "on/off" button, there were several times when I ended up accidentally pushing it while lifting the travel clock from the side (I didn't want to touch it from the front and leave fingerprints on the screen). This results in accidentally turning the alarm on or off, which isn't a big issue but can be mildly annoying.


As someone who's finagled with a lot of unwieldy hotel alarm clocks during my travels, Moshi's Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock is a breath of fresh air. While the voice control sounds like a jazzy feature, this clock is a simple, no-frills device at its heart that's very easy to use. The voice feature also makes it a great device for the visually impaired, who don't have to see the screen to know what time it is or to set up the clock.

Given how basic this clock is, people looking for extra features such as a radio or WiFi connectivity may be left wanting. But for folks looking for a solid alarm clock for the road or even home, the Moshi Voice Control Travel Alarm Clock does the job and does it well.

The Moshi Travel Alarm Clock comes in several colors, including white.

Photo by Jason Hidalgo
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