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Review: Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale

Portable Scale Makes Weighing Luggage Easy

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Review: Balanzza Mini Luggage Scale
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If you’ve ever travelled on a plane before, chances are you’ve had to weigh your luggage. And if you’re like a lot of people, you probably used the scale that’s parked in your bathroom. But while that same scale is great for showing you the heavy cost of all those potato chips and cakes you've gorged on recently, it’s a bit of a pain to use for weighing luggage. So does the Balanzza Mini luggage scale ease that pain? Keep reading my review to find out.


Convenience: The Balanzza Mini works the opposite way that a regular scale does. Instead of putting something on it, you strap it to a luggage handle and pull it up. This actually works well for a couple of reasons. One, you no longer need to balance your luggage on a scale designed to accommodate human feet. Two, you don’t need to kneel down and peek like a cat trying to get a quarter from under the sofa just to see what weight reading you’ve got. Just pull up and you’ll see the reading on the device’s electronic display easy-peasy. You can also use both pounds or kilograms

Zeroes out: Sometimes, you don’t want to just get a total weight reading for your luggage. If you want to learn the weight of just the contents of your luggage without the weight of your bag included, then you can strap in your empty bag, zero the scale out, then add the contents in and measure. It’s the same trick cooks use when measuring the weight of ingredients minus the weight of the container that the ingredients are in.

Auto-off: When you’re stressing out about all sorts of stuff for a trip, it’s easy to forget things — like turning off your Mini scale, for example. Fortunately, the device comes with an auto-off function to help conserve your batteries

Portable: Its small size makes this easy to take with you to trips, unlike a bathroom scale. That’s great if you plan on buying a ton of souvenirs during trips but want to make sure you don’t go past your baggage weight limit. The rubber finish also makes it easy to grip.


Needs to strap: The main downside of the Balanzza Mini is that it needs to strap on to something for it to work. That’s great if you have a bag or luggage that has handles. But if you want to weigh a box, then you’re pretty much out of luck unless you tie a rope around said box for the Mini to strap on.

Back strain: The Mini requires you to lift and hold your position for a few seconds to get a reading. That’s fine when weighing light stuff. But once you get to 50 pounds, you can potentially hurt your back if you lift your luggage the wrong way or have bones that are as brittle as The Simpsons’ Mr. Burns. So make sure you’re careful when lifting heavy stuff and don’t try to be a hero. That includes you guys trying to impress gals with your muscles that have muscles.

Price: At about $30, the cost might be a bit high for a travel scale. But it’s also easy to find it priced lower online.


As someone with a lot of travel experience, I enjoy having something like the Balanzza Mini in my travel arsenal. It’s light and easy to use, and the convenience it provides is a nice plus. It’s mostly ideal for luggage that have straps or handles that it can wrap around. You also want to make sure you only use it for weights that you know you can handle. Overall, I think it works quite well.

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