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Review: Level Up Gaming Storage Tower

Game Tower Stores Games and Gear


Review: Level Up Gaming Storage Tower
Photo by Jason Hidalgo

Imelda Marcos had her shoes. Me? I have my games and consoles. And I do mean a buttload of them.

As someone whose media center never has enough space to hold all my consoles and assortment of media devices, — not to mention someone who owns several gaming guitars that I happen to royally suck at — I’m always on the lookout for storage solutions.

So I was quite intrigued after spying Level Up’s set of storage towers for the PS3 (Alloy), Xbox 360 (ZigZag) and Wii (Aperture and Trideca). For this review, I decided to go for the PS3 tower, largely because it, um, didn’t clash with my metrosexual gear and furniture. (Despite being a gamer, I am quite the sophisticated gentleman after all.)

Anywho, let’s get this review on shall we?


Easy assembly: This thing is actually easier to put together than a Gundam model — and I’m talking about the SD Gundam G Generation kind for kids. The bulk of the pieces easily snap into place, with only the guitar hooks requiring screws. If you can put Legos together, you can assemble this thing.

A multi-tasker: Speaking of guitar hooks, the Level Up gaming tower also can hold two guitars, one console and four controllers, along with two mini slots for things like memory cards and other small peripherals. The fact that the controller slots also fit Xbox 360 controllers and something like the Mad Catz Street Fighter game pad is a plus.

Fits all PS2, PS3 systems: The standard groove on the console bin is shaped to fit a PS3. It also comes with adapters to vertically hold a PS2 “Phat” and a PS2 Slim.


Limited game storage: The biggest drawback to the Level Up towers is the limited amount of game cases they can hold. For the Alloy I’m reviewing, it’s only 16, which isn’t nearly enough for all the PS3 games I have

Not much interchangeability: While the tower can hold non-PS3 controllers, the case and console slots are a different story. If you want to use the PS3 tower to store, say, 360 games, well, they don’t fit. The console grooves are also specifically shaped to hold PS3 and PS2 systems so you can’t just vertically plop a 360 or Wii in there and expect it to be as stable.


For gamers who own a nice mix of games and peripherals, the Level Up gaming tower can help you reduce your gaming clutter and maybe even get your mom off your back a bit.

If you’re primarily looking for something to hold games, the tower likely won’t be enough to suit your needs. But if you have a couple of guitars, extra controllers and need to free up space in the old media center by taking out a console, then the Level Up tower is worthy of consideration.

Now if only there was an accessory that would make me suck less at using toy guitars.

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